Ommani Center

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“Ommani” means “our answers lie within”.

Everybody has the capacity to heal, given a medical framework that includes Integrative Medicine, lifestyle choices personal responsibility and empowerment . ~Rose Kumar M.D.


  • To emphasize prevention and maximize healing by addressing root causes of illness while applying evidence based medical and complementary therapies.
  • To facilitate healing and empowerment and restore vitality through Integrative Medicine delivered authentically and respectfully with the highest standard of expertise and care.


  • Be the highest ‘standard-of-care’ model for Integrative Medicine
  • Offer a Medical framework that results in core healing
  • Demonstrate chronic disease reversal with Lifestyle Medicine
  • Educate and empower patients to experience ‘food as medicine’
  • Engage patients in taking responsibility for their health
  • Realign Health Care with the vocation of Medicine
  • Practice cost effective Medicine
  • Function as a ‘green’ and sustainable business model.