10 Essential Remedies for Summer Outings


Treating acute injuries is the easiest way to become introduced to homeopathy, because it is the one circumstance where “use this for that” applies! Otherwise for short-term or chronic/long term illnesses, the homeopathic approach is individualized, based on one’s unique presentation of symptoms. So, here’s a recommended list of homeopathic remedies for this summer:


  1. The easiest remedy to use is Calendula ointment, which is great for scrapes and other abrasions. By applying to a clean wound, it speeds healing and its bacteriostatic properties help to prevent infection.
  2. Next easiest is Arnica montana, which is used for bumps and bruises, even when they’re quite severe. Arnica works amazingly quickly to reduce pain, swelling and discoloration.
  3. If bruising occurs in an area where there’s not a lot of supportive muscular tissue, such as the breast, then Bellis perennis is often a better choice than Arnica.
  4. Hypericum is an excellent remedy to be used in alternation with arnica when the fingers or toes have been pinched in a door or window, or “smashed” by something dropping on them. Hypericum quickly helps resolve the shooting nerve pain of these types of injuries. 
  5. For 1st degree burns (including sunburn) with a feeling of rawness, Causticum is the remedy to Turn to.
  6. For 2nd degree burns with blistering and a great deal of pain, Cantharis is the next choice. 
  7. For insect bites or puncture wounds in general, Ledum pallustre is excellent for reducing the pain and swelling.
  8. If after a bee sting the symptoms include itching, stinging, redness and swelling, then Apis mellifica will be your friend!
  9. For sensitive skin that reacts strongly to mosquito bites, Staphysagria is the remedy to consider. This remedy will also reduce the sensitivity of straight-line cuts of the skin (paper cuts, knife cuts, etc.) 
  10. If a shocking event occurs that is more scary to the emotions than damaging to the physical body, Aconitum napellus (Aconite) is very good at calming those fears. Aconite is also good for helping when symptoms such as earaches or sore throats and colds start to develop quickly, especially after the physical shock of being exposed to cold, dry wind. 

Most of the above remedies can be found at health food stores with homeopathic remedy displays, and all of them are available online. Dosing is 2-3 pellets of a 30C potency, repeated as symptoms dictate for 1-3 days. Using a homeopathic first aid book can also be useful for helping to learn more about these very safe, amazing remedies.

Of course, the above is not intended as medical advice. If there is any question about your medical situation or condition, please contact your health-care provider.    

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