Detox Orientation Meetings – Free

Have you decided or has your doctor recommended that you begin transforming your health with a short-term, detox, diet program?  Does the program require a different way of eating that’s confusing or consists of foods you don’t normally consume? Our Health Coach, Maryanne Riege, can help with that.

Trying to get information about detoxing can be overwhelming and frustrating.  There is so much conflicting information, it’s almost impossible to know what is right and what is not.  

Maryanne is offering free, one-hour informational sessions that will provide guidance and reduce your anxiety.  During the orientation meeting, the confusion about detoxing will be addressed.

The session will address the following:

  • What is a whole food plant based detox?
  • How to detox successfully.
  • How to participate in a guided program, with tips and recipes.

Participation is free, but requires RSVP at least two days before the event

(Minimum participant enrollment required)


September 20, 2018    5:30-6:30PM

October 4, 2018     10:30-11:30AM

October 18, 2018      5:30-6:30PM

November 1, 2018 .    10:30-11:30AM

November 15, 2018     5:30-6:30PM

December 6, 2018 .    10:30-11:30AM


Get ready for a program that will lead to the health and wellness you desire!


To enroll – call our office at 262.695.5311