25 Reasons To Get A Massage

Massages are much more than just relaxing. In fact, our natural instincts turn to them in moments of need.  As an example, this is the reason you self-massage sore muscles. Making an effort to make time for your body to unwind, regenerate, and recharge is a very vital aspect of life. It lets your body heal itself and thus prepare your body as you face a busy and active lifestyle. Allowing your body to rest even for a short while is guaranteed to do wonders for your bodily functions and systems.  While some may find it hard to squeeze in a bit of “me time,” remember that doing so helps you de-stress and relax, things that can easily be overlooked and taken for granted. As an added bonus, there are numerous medical benefits associated with a massage.  Read the attached link from the American Massage Therapy Association entitled 25 Reasons to Get a Massage.  Find something on the list that is an issue for you?  You’ll find both the list of reasons and a reference for each one that further explains the science of massage and the specific condition.

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