5 Things to Remember After Receiving A Massage

After receiving a massage therapy session, there are important items clients should do to ensure their results last longer.

1. Do homework assigned by therapist. Stretching, strengthening, movement-based exercises, and muscle aid are homework items which may be assigned by massage therapists. The purpose of assigning homework is to present self-care means so clients will witness massage efforts become more effective with longer lasting health gains.

2. Remain active. Staying mobile encourages continuous blood circulation, thereby feeding tissues at a healthy rate.

3. Increase intake of fluids. Ensure proper intake of fluids, especially water, to keep circulation efforts strong within the body. Avoid drinks with high sugar or caffeine content as these drinks prove harmful and dehydrating in the long run. Also, do not drink alcohol after a massage.

4. Check in daily on any changes and shifts within your body. As body awareness heightens, you will become sensitive to the effects of massage upon your body. Be sure to take note of physical changes witnessed and felt so you can inform your therapist prior to the next session. A therapist needs to know how the physical body is responding to massage efforts, as every person may experience different results from touch.

5. Be aware of mental and emotional changes. Massage efforts also impact the mental and emotional aspects of self-care. A client may recognize greater clarity and productivity of thought after massage sessions. Also, emotions may be easier to manage after massage sessions. If mental and/or emotional health are challenged, know that a conversation is welcomed with the massage therapist to acknowledge how touch affects one’s psyche and feelings.

It’s important to remember, for best and long lasting massage therapy results, open communication is key between therapist and client.

June 2019 Tammy Winkelman, RN, LMT, sees patients at The Ommani Center on Mondays, Thursdays, & Fridays. Call our office at 262.695.5311 to schedule an appointment or to speak to Tammy about massage and how it may work for you.