Acupuncture Antidote for Allergies

It’s that time of year again where allergy sufferers have to start thinking about how to combat their seasonal symptoms. For thousands of years, acupuncture has proven effective for the treatment of allergy and sinus symptoms; whether seasonal, food or environmental.  You will find two links below: (1) A National Institute of Health link that describes the history and general action, efficacy and safety of acupuncture; and (2) a link about a study performed for allergy care on three groups – one treated with real acupuncture, one treated with so-called “sham acupuncture,” and the third with prescription or OTC medication.  

Before reading and watching the links, I want to say a little something about this so-called “sham acupuncture.” Researchers like to use this term for research studies in which they are trying to de-bunk acupuncture as the placebo effect.  There’s a problem with that thinking. Any time you break the skin with a needle, the body’s physiological response to the needle invasion is elicited.  This response, no matter where you place the needles, is going to have some therapeutic value due to the natural and automatic release of endorphins and other feel-good chemicals.  This is why “sham acupuncture” patients show short-term benefit. The lasting results are found when needles are strategically placed according to what the patient’s diagnosis deems necessary.  Remember, there is an exact science behind acupuncture which allows lasting results to occur with many ailments. Results are not just limited to allergies.

  1. NIH article about acupuncture therapy action, efficacy & safety:

  1. article about allergies/sham treatments:

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