Acupuncture & The Immune System

It seems as though many people have been taken down by this year’s cold and flu, sometimes more than once!  Did you know Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help one recover and even prevent contracting these illnesses to begin with?   Acupuncture and Herbs are helpful because of how they boost the energetic balance in the body, thus strengthening the immune system.  People who receive Acupuncture treatment on a regular basis, regardless of what they are being treated for, become sick much less frequently because of the natural immune boosting benefits that occur during any type of acupuncture treatment.  There are specific points to boost the immune system, but many acupuncture points have multiple functions which is why your immune system can benefit from a sprained ankle session.  Likewise, there are points on the body that can help a sore throat, fever, cough, nasal and sinus congestion, headache and so on.  

Chinese herbal remedies are available and should be used prior to cold and flu season to start bolstering your immune system.  It is best to get a jump start on these in mid to late fall, before the big weather changes begin. Many of these will include herbs such as Astragalus root, Eleuthero root, Atractylodes and Schisandra fruit, many of which are available in health food stores. In addition, there are many more formulas to treat specific cold and flu symptoms, depending on which you are suffering from.

Don’t forget allergies.  Allergy season is right around the corner. If you are a seasonal allergy sufferer, best to start seeking treatment in mid-to-late March.  

Acupuncture, in any form, serves to stimulate the immune system. Don’t hesitate to consider this important modality as you work your way through the cold/flu and allergy seasons.  It’s never too late to benefit.

Feb 2018 Aimee Brown, LAc, MSOM.  Schedule appointments with Aimee by calling 262.695.5311.