Allergy Season & Acupuncture

Allergy season is officially upon us!  While many pine away for the first sign of Spring, there are many more who find this seasonal change to be bittersweet – with the onset of itchy eyes, sneezing and runny nose – Spring is much less enjoyable.  If you find that your allergy medication doesn’t fully provide the relief you desire, why not consider a few weeks of acupuncture treatments and/or a Chinese herbal remedy? Studies have shown acupuncture alone can be more effective and longer lasting than prescription medications. One such 2014 study boasts a 96.7% success rate for allergy symptom relief.  

If you have been doing your own research and have come across articles talking about studies with sham and real acupuncture both having positive effects, thus alluding to a placebo effect, there is a reason why.  “Sham acupuncture” is where a practitioner places needles in areas not typically used for the condition being treated.  However, just the act of the needle breaking the skin activates the body’s natural healing processes and release of healing hormones; so it is no surprise that receivers of “sham” points still notice positive effects!  Sham points are never as good as a tailor made treatment, but sham or not, acupuncture is bound to bring a positive response within the body.

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