Are You a ‘Sensitive’ ?

They are termed ‘sensitives’ – people that feel to the depth that the ‘norm’ doesn’t.  They tend to be pathologized by others for their depth of feeling and also tend to pathologize themselves for it as feeling deeply is not acceptable in our society.  They have difficulty being around crowds, injustice, violence, and loud sensory stimulation.  They feel the collective energy deep in their souls.  They are deeply empathic.  I am a sensitive.  Are you?
The title of the link claims that we are ‘too’ sensitive.  I disagree with this.  Our world is not sensitive enough.  Maybe that is why the state of the world is in chaos and disarray.  Maybe if more of us ‘sensitives’ set the tone for the world, it would be a more peaceful place where art and beauty are valued more than they presently are.