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According to Chinese medicine theory, our body consists of an energy network called the meridian system. There are twelve regular meridians that make up the main part of the meridian system. The twelve meridians have a lateral and symmetrical distribution on the head, face, trunk and limbs, distribute symmetrically on both sides of the body […]

TCM Winter Care Tips

We just had the first snow of the year not long ago. Winter is coming. Winter is the season for the kidney meridian energy and about energy storage. Kidney meridian energy is the fundamental energy for other internal organs and body growth and development. Deficient kidney meridian energy could cause soreness of the lower back […]

Autumn Season and TCM

According to Chinese medicine, the season of autumn is associated with the concepts of harvest and ready for winter (storage). The lung and large intestine meridians are related to the season. The Lungs are the tender organs because they are the uppermost organs in the body and can easily have an invasion of wind, cold […]