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India Gate at Dawn

India Gate at dawn and morning prayers at the Sikh temple Gurdawara Banglasahib whose healing waters cured thousands of smallpox and cholera. This is the

On our way to India – An Album of Pictures

  We arrived safe and sound and I am happy to be here in my birth mother country. The smells, tastes, sensory remembrance, gentleness and love from the people here is incredible as is being with my father, son and husband. Here are some pictures from our first day. There are many more to come.

Immune Boosting Chicken Soup Recipe

Print Immune Boosting Chicken Soup I created this recipe after coming down with a bad sinus infection. Not wanting to take antibiotics, I turned to my chemistry lab – my kitchen – to concoct a soup that would give my immune system a boost and clear my sinuses. It continues to do the trick for me […]

An Antidote for our Current State of Affairs

What is an anti-dote for our current state of affairs? On the eve of the presidential inauguration, I am wondering about this. Clearly, we need to metabolize our shadow. Personal consciousness or unconsciousness is added to the collective. We are seeing the collective shadow come to life as we prepare for a new presidential regime. […]