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The Root of ALL Illness

How can there be a root cause to all illness? Western Medicine is based on the premise that fixing symptoms in piecemeal ways with surgery and medications are good enough, that we do not need to explore the roots of illness, that fixing symptoms is the best we can do, that aberrations in biology and […]

What Do You Value?

“There is perhaps nothing worse than reaching the top of the ladder and discovering that it is up against the wrong wall.” ~ Joseph Campbell In the past few years, a significant number of my midlife patients have been questioning what they really value.  This is a key question that arises spontaneously in midlife when […]

The Health Benefits of Maca

Maca is a South American root which belongs to the radish family.  The powder of the dried root is termed Maca Powder.  It is high in vitamins B1, B2 and B6 as well as Vitamin C and E. One ounce of maca contains 4 grams of plant protein and high levels of the minerals zinc, […]

The Power of a Symbol: Notre Dame on Fire

“What is not brought to consciousness comes to us as fate” ~Carl Jung By now everyone has seen the images of flames leaping from the iconic cathedral of Notre Dame. Notre Dame is an extraordinary symbol of the Feminine, dedicated to the Divine Mother Mary.  The Catholic Church commissioned Notre Dame to be built in […]