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Chana Dal Curry Soup

For dinner tonight, I had an organic green salad with cucumbers and carrots, Chana dal (yellow lentils) and organic Jasmine rice. Chana Dal is a lentil from India that has a low glycemic index and tastes incredible as a curry. Chana Dal Curry Soup 1 cup of chana dal (available at any Indian grocery store […]

What Are The Odds?

I love The Bay Area in California. Even though I now live in Wisconsin, I am still drawn to the beauty of the sun and the warmth with the smell of eucalyptus and the misty feeling of the ocean on my face. I used to run the hills of SF at 4:30 am during my […]

The Hope of Transforming Healthcare

In the words of Martin Luther King Jr., “Of all forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane.” My past few articles have been on the unhealthy infrastructure in health care today and how it adversely affects patients as well as physicians, nurses and those who work within it to serve. […]


Many of us are disheartened by the state of health care today.  The solutions being proposed to repair and reform it are not sustainable for physicians or patients.  Every system functions from operating principles that govern and direct its mission.  In order for us to understand why health care is dysfunctional, we need to analyze […]

LOVE is here on Earth

LOVE is here on Earth I have often felt that LOVE is what we are here to feel and give to each other. Many share how I feel so why don’t we have stories of LOVE everywhere? Ever since I was little, I felt it often and deeply.  It was inspiring and a bit frightening […]

The Intention Behind The Ommani Center

How does one adapt to being uprooted and unearthed?  The human spirit strives to survive, to continually move towards its destiny to carve out a course that reclaims ones sense of meaning.  My mother is a person who experienced this.  At the age of 10, her parents were killed in the India-Pakistan partition, leaving her […]

Midlife as a Gateway to Authenticity

Are you a midlife woman who doesn’t understand what is happening to your body and your mind? Have you told your doctor how you’re feeling and were dismissed with medications or hormone replacement therapy? Do you feel overwhelmed by the volume of information available about managing midlife and peri-menopause? I am not only a practicing […]

The Ommani Center – A New Model for Healthcare

Rachel Remen M.D. is a physician and mentor who inspired me 23 years ago. An article about her current work, Medicine’s Search for Meaning was recently published in The New York Times. It made me reflect on where I started as a young physician, and where I have arrived today as a physician who holds […]

The Gift of Our Wounds

A few nights ago, I had a dream that, my children, my ex-husband and I were driving down the road in our car (when I was still married to him).  My daughter was 12, my son 9 and I felt IT. You know, that feeling when you are a family, when you feel like you […]

The Gift of My Near Death Experience

At 14, I had a near death experience that left me re-calibrated and deeply sensitive.  It brought a dimension into my presence that was unknown to me before.  This dimension has never left me. What I experienced is an otherworldly feeling of love and compassion that was multidimensional and utterly penetrating.  I could never have […]