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The Taj Mahal and Purpose of Spiritual Practice

Life is difficult and illusions about being small lead us astray every day. When lost in a crowd viewing the winner of the New 7 Wonders of the World, it’s easy to feel insignificant. Viewing architectural perfection while ethic division, climate change and terrorism thrive provides a paradoxical lesson about love and illusion. Since time […]

The Cows of India

Spiritual concepts, abstract thoughts and conditions of grace often seem strange to the uninitiated. The thought that every two and four-legged creature bears a soul has roots in many cultures around the world and provides the underlying rationale for many vegetarian societies and spiritual practices.   In the Hindu tradition the cow represents the qualities […]

The Victim Perpetrator Paradigm (Part 2)

The essential elements that create victim consciousness were discussed last month in Part 1. Since in takes two to tango, perpetrators will be discussed next. Blamers blame others for what occurs in their life. Blamers lack self-awareness and fail to develop the necessary self-discipline to self-examine. The projective quality of a perpetrator’s emotional defense system […]

The Promise of Wholeness – January 2018

The Promise of Wholeness A Two-Day Workshop about Cultivating Inner Peace, Mindfulness, and Love        Course Leader: Eric Erhke, LCSW, LMFT This two-day course offers practical strategies and self-realization tools to deepen the original concepts within my book The Promise of Wholeness: Cultivating Inner Peace, Mindfulness and Love in a Divided World.  The […]

Victim Consciousness and The Victim/Perpetrator Paradigm (Part 1)

The following article about victim consciousness is intended to discuss a passive life-style of self-destructive anger and/or retaliatory impulses that blame rather than accept responsibility. The current Me-Too movement, where victims of sexual abuse stand up for themselves and hold perpetrators responsible for their actions is NOT what this article is addressing. Requiring a perpetrator […]

Empathy, Velcro, and Emotional Contagions

When we sense suffering and feel compassion, we are using our natural instinct to empathize. Empathy includes not only the willingness to understand, but actually co-experience the pain of another, which is why we cringe or divert our eyes when witnessing others suffer. Instinctively, we feel another’s pain unless circumstances lead us to deaden our […]

Four Steps That Stop Bullies

Bloodsucking bullies tormented me in my youth. Mindful of their attacks, terrible anxiety, fear, and anger compounded my stuttering. Hating myself for my failure to speak normally, I desperately wanted the predators who preyed upon my weaknesses to stop. During my Catholic grammar school education, I learned that Jesus “turned the other cheek” and prayed […]

Peace Treaty

  When committed friends or couples fight, there are two things going on simultaneously with each partner. They have a valid concern or need that they are trying to get across and their concern is often distorted by old emotional allergies and projections that the other person is wrong and therefore at fault. Most of […]