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What is the CranioSacral Rhythm?

Our body has many rhythms, many of which are subtle and not easily palpable. Each of our biological rhythms has its own rate, variability, function, and nuances that directly affect our health. A few familiar ones are the heart rate, breathing (inhalation/exhalation), circadian (sleep cycles), and hormonal cycles. Another rhythm not as well known, subtle […]

Boosting Your Resilience

Let’s talk about resilience for a minute, and why it’s a great idea to boost yours.  I want to offer you a few tips on how to do this.  Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover from difficulties in life. In health, resilience refers to your ability to fully heal from injury or illness […]

Tis‘ the season for … Sinus Congestion!

As we ebb toward winter, autumn is usually hallmarked by the changes in foliage, falling temperatures, family gatherings, and also an increase in symptoms.  Sinus congestion has become a norm now, with many people experiencing facial restriction and discomfort that comes with both acute and chronic sinus congestion.  Many of my clients present with these […]