Entries by Genevie L. Kocourek, MD

We All are Broken, We All are Whole

Were you the one In puzzling quiet Left to cry in sodden diaper  Now become the frequent liar?   We all are broken, We all are whole.   Were you the one called good li’l girl When hands in wrongness Probed your secrets, Who buried deeply all the sorrow. Locked in bitterness and shame Now […]

Sleep and Health

One of the most common complaints that health providers hear is: “I can’t sleep.”  About 40 million American adults will report an issue with sleep during the past year, about 30 million have sleep apnea (intermittent breathing cessation during sleep), and 25 million have sleep issues from shift work.  Poor sleep can lead to excessive […]

Protein Alternatives

When we consider a healthy diet, we tend to be obsessed with protein.  Those of us who listen to our doctors here at Ommani are learning that a plant-based diet is optimal for good health. So a new year is upon us and we’re ready to make the transition, not necessarily to become vegetarian but […]

Your Immune System – Taking A Moment To Marvel

Recently, I had the opportunity to experience the remarkable actions of my immune system.  Having been “gifted” by one of my patients with a rousing upper respiratory infection, I was reminded of the many mechanisms of the body that work to keep me healthy.  I saw this patient again after we had both recovered, and […]

Are You Getting Too Much of a Good Thing?

For many people, supplements are an integral part of their daily routine.  Supporting their metabolic processes with vitamins, minerals, green powders, probiotics, and other supplements can certainly improve our health and often speed our recovery from illnesses.  But sometimes, too much of a good thing is no longer good. Many common supplements that are often […]


As an integrative medicine clinic, we have many patients that come to us with an intention for being completely free of all of their medications.  Many times, the patient wishes to substitute natural remedies for pharmacological medications.  For many patients, we heartily agree.  For other patients, however, it can be quite dangerous to discontinue traditional […]


We are living in the information age.  Data and information are abundant—perhaps too abundant.  For some time, health care providers have been wrestling with how to blend clinical judgement and decision-making with patient self-interpretation and excessive concern regarding their test results.  Certainly, each person is encouraged to take charge of their health, and researching and […]