Entries by Maryanne Riege, Certified Holistic Health Coach

Green Beans and Fennel

  Print Green Beans and Fennel Consider this zesty side dish as a part of your Thanksgiving meal as it is easy andquick to make. This dish provides a healthy amount of fiber, protein and calciumfrom the green beans while fennel’s licorice-like flavor is great for digestion. Servings 8 people Author Maryanne Riege Ingredients 1 […]

Three Ways to Wellness

Everyone wants to have good health. However, it can be overwhelming as to where to start your journey. Being part of a community of like-minded people and knowing you are not alone in your journey will help you develop the confidence and motivation to address your challenges and succeed. Starting this September at The Ommani […]

Primary Food

Nutrition (whether plant or animal sourced) is a secondary source of energy; i.e., the food you eat every day is really “secondary food.” Primary food (nonfood sources of nourishment) is what really fuels us. As children, we all lived on primary food. Lovers thrive on the pure bliss and peace they are experiencing, while passionate […]

Make Healthy Eating Work!

“I’ll start tomorrow” or “I love the taste of French fries” or “I’m a picky eater”.  Those excuses sound familiar?  You’re not alone.  As someone who used to be in denial about eating healthfully, I can tell you first hand that eating healthy is not always easy.  What makes good eating so difficult?  Scientific studies […]

The First Thanksgiving Menu

Lean, organic sources of animal protein; onions, beans, spinach, cabbage, squash, and corn was included in the original, Pilgrim harvest festival. Those folks were eating non-GMO, organic, locally grown, probably gluten-free (no wheat crops) foods with unrefined sugar sweeteners. If you were asked to eat that way now would you consider it a big sacrifice? Maryanne tells about the first Thanksgiving and gives us a hint about how simply we can adjust our foods to fit the healthy lifestyle we seek while keeping the real theme of the holiday in focus…thankfulness.

Digestion and the Skin

With summer upon us, we undeniably see more skin. What better subject to talk about than your skin!  The condition of your skin is an expression of your internal health, so when skin conditions deteriorate, this may indicate that bodily systems are not functioning optimally and that inflammation may be present. The excretory system (skin, […]