A Few Personal Care Products and Aids

I’m sure you have a list of favorite personal care products.  The following are some of Dr. Kocourek’s favorite products (in no particular order of preference).  Remember that each person is unique and has his or her own sensitivities/allergies.  If you question the appropriateness of any of the following products for your personal care, discuss it with your physician.

LUSH is a company that is committed to producing natural face, hair and body products using only vegetarian or vegan recipes (read the labels, although not many, there are a few products that use parabens as a preservative) and  supports a regular charitable giving program in over 42 different countries.  A couple of my personal, favorite products are:   LUSH’s Ultrabalm:  A lightweight, non-petroleum balm for hands and face and LUSH’s The Greeench.; a green-tea based body powder. The Greeench is great for keeping your feet and armpits dry. You can order online (www.lush.com) – there is a retail store in the Mayfair shopping mall that is a delight for the senses.

Emollients:  such as Cerave, Cetaphil, Vanacreme, Coconut Oil (Liquid).  Emollients help your skin stay moist and hydrated. The best time to apply an emollient is immediately after showering or washing hands, where there is moisture present to capture.

Tooth Soap Shreds.  This is a company that opened its doors in 2003 and is dedicated to helping us all have a healthier mouth.  Soap shreds are a refreshing way to clean your teeth.  Most toothpaste products, even “natural ones,” have glycerin as an ingredient.  Glycerin can leave a film that allows sugars to adhere to your teeth.  Tooth Soap products are glycerin free.  Tooth shreds are also very economical!  Use only a ¼” shred to clean your teeth and leave them with a remarkably fresh, smooth feel (www.toothsoap.com).

Tongue Cleaner/Scraper.  There’s nothing quite like a tongue that is clear of congestion from reflux, food films, and morning saliva.  Tongue brushing is not sufficient to clear this substance called “Ama” in Ayurvedic medicine.  Clean/scrape your tongue once in the morning and once in the evening, just before brushing.  An example of a tongue cleaner/scraper can be found at this link:  http://www.iloveherbal.com/stainless-steel-tongue-cleaner-scraper/

Sleep Right©  Mouth Guard.  For those of you who grind your teeth while you sleep, the Sleep Right©  mouth guard is a simple, no-boil mouth guard that can protect your teeth.  It’s available at various local stores.

Dead Sea Bath Salts.  Salts from the Dead Sea contain 21 essential minerals that occur naturally in our bodies and are known to treat, detoxify, and cleanse. Try these soothing crystals for baths or foot soaks.  Many different manufacturer brands are available.

Castor Oil.  A multi-purpose oil, castor oil can ease aches and pains and soften areas that have scars.  Castor oil is messy, but worth it.  Soak a piece of flannel cloth or a cotton make-up pad with the oil.  Cover your aching joints or scars with the soaked flannel/cotton pad, then apply a heat pack for 15-20 minutes.

Disclosure statement:  Dr. Kocourek does not receive incentives of any kind for recommending the above products.

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