Boosting Your Resilience

Lets talk about resilience for a minute, and why its a great idea to boost yours.  I want to offer you a few tips on how to do this.  Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover from difficulties in life. In health, resilience refers to your ability to fully heal from injury or illness in a normal time period, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  If you were to catch a cold, would you bounce back in days, or would it hang on in your sinuses for weeks?  If you sustained an injury, would your healing process proceed at a normal pace to completion, or does your immune system get stuck in a state of partial healing and chronic inflammation?  If you were confronted by an anxiety-inducing stressor, are you able to calm your thoughts and mitigate the effects on your adrenals, or would the emotional fallout throw you out of balance for multiple days and likely sleep-interrupted nights?  I think youre getting the idea now. 

Resilience is a way to describe ones overall state of health, and how effectively your organ systems can recover from a challenge to your health. Some people are blessed to have strong constitutions, balanced immune resistance, good digestion, good sleep patterns. For the rest of us, however, resilience can be a daily intention to work toward and support, and you can start in small ways. 

One effective way to support your resilience is to receive regular bodywork.  Most people take their car in for regular oil changes and maintenance, yet do not consider their own body worthy of regular upkeep. Receiving positive intentional touch through bodywork is imperative for effective mental and physical function.  Craniosacral therapy fits this bill perfectly. Craniosacral therapy is a bodywork modality that employs gentle techniques designed to reduce the effects of stress, allow muscle/soft tissue to be more pliable and flexible, reduce pain, boost nerve function, and promote internal integration.  Patients who receive craniosacral therapy weekly, monthly, or seasonally tend to have higher resilience and faster recovery from injury and illness. A comment I hear frequently from regular patients is that they start feeling better in unexpected ways.  For example, a patient who sees me for migraines may find improvement in sleep patterns, sense function, mental clarity, emotional balance.  Similar levels of resilience can also occur with acupuncture, massage, and even physical therapy?  You might be surprised how good you can feel by receiving regular bodywork. 

Another way to support your health and resilience is to drink more water, every day. Drinking beverages with caffeine or high amounts of sugar can contribute to dehydration and inflammation.  Dehydration is a significant contributing factor to headaches and feeling sluggish. Try adding a few glasses of water daily or substitute a couple of your usual sugary drinks with plain filtered water.  You might be surprised how energizing it can be to drink a full glass of water. 

Lastly, your mental and emotional health can be adversely affected by watching too much television, indulging in social media or the news. Limiting your screen time can have a profound effect on your mental and physical health.  

May 2021 be your year for improving your resilience and restoring your health. Personally, I hope to have a hand (small pun intended) in helping you realize that possibility with craniosacral therapy. 

At The Ommani Center, we are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness.  We would love to assist you in reclaiming your health this year.

January 2021, Emily Klik, LMT, CST is a CranioSacral Therapist at Ommani.  She sees clients who are free of symptoms on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Call our office at 262.695.5311 to schedule an appointment.