Bringing Peace on Earth

Yesterday a friend of mine told me that she was gracious to 3 people in her bank who in turn were gracious to her.
“How can something so small make a difference? Change the fighting in the Gaza strip?” “I feel so helpless” she said. “This is my little world, removed from the horrors of war and terror. I don’t think my little act of kindness can help a warring world.”

Years ago, I had read a book titled, “The Cultural Creatives. How 50 million people are changing the world”. The message of this book is: the ‘critical mass’ required to shift a paradigm is 50 million people. If 50 million people make conscious choices, it will create an ‘energy’ large enough to bring harmony and shift the collective thinking on earth.

I told her to imagine 50 million people being gracious to 3 people and them being gracious back. That can create such a vortex that the paradigm will start shifting away from war.


Take the time to be gracious to at least 3 people today…
Focus on how your heart feels.
Receive their positive energy back.

WE are the cultural creatives.

We can shift this paradigm of war by being kind in our ‘small’ communities. Strung together, these communities make up the world.

We all breathe the same air.

Seeds of graciousness emitted in the air have greater power than seeds of war.

This is what we can do to bring peace on Earth.