Bruising and Arnica

Many people are familiar with the important role homeopathic remedies play in acute illness and injuries. But homeopathy can also help with longer standing problems, including mental and emotional distress. Arnica Montana is known as the mountain daisy and is the most commonly used homeopathic medicine in the world. It is typically used for physical bruising and injuries.  We carry Arnica cream at Ommani and the doctors regularly recommend its use for this purpose. But Arnica can also be used for “emotional bruising.”

Included is a short four-minute video in which, Karl Robinson, MD, describes how Arnica, helped a patient with severe emotional trauma. Dr. Robinson illustrates how Arnica helped heal the deeper emotional state.

This simple history introduces this expanded use of Arnica, but also gives us an example of the wide variety of physical, mental and emotional conditions homeopathic remedies are capable of helping. If you’re interested in learning whether homeopathy is appropriate for you, you can call the Ommani Center @ 262-695-5311 and Mr. Johnson will be happy to answer more specific and personal questions you might have.

Feb 2018 David Johnson is a Certified Classical Homeopath and sees clients of all ages for all types of conditions. To learn if your condition is amenable to homeopathic care or to schedule an appointment, please call Mr. Johnson at the Ommani Center: 262-695-5311.