Self-Love…Step One of the Three Pillars of Self Mastery

The secret of true happiness lies in our ability to love ourselves so gracefully that self-regard becomes as natural as breathing. If everyone loved himself or herself so completely that every breath was consciously drawn to enrich and facilitate wholeness in their life, the world wouldn’t be such a cruel place. When people develop the rhythm of giving and receiving love in proper balance, thriving and surviving in this world become easy.

Have you ever wondered why so many people struggle to love themselves, when the essence of our soul and every cell of our body have a divine imprint of pure love infused into each atom? Many people think self-love, self-esteem, and self-care are difficult tasks that require a great amount of work and diligence to maintain. Since we physically co-exist with our soul’s loving nature, these abilities are already encoded in our biological cellular structure. One of the first steps to stop self-sabotage is to awaken your instinctual loving nature, consider yourself as divine being worthy of love and deserving of success.

Love is a confusing word to many people because everyone has their own definition or interpretation as to how to manifest, demonstrate, or propagate it. When people have had negative or at least confusing childhood experiences with love, their relationship with spiritual concepts about love can become contaminated. Many people think that the divine will turn away from them because the god of their religion promotes conditional love and everlasting damnation. Unfortunately, these well-intended illusions convince some people they deserve a problematic life, which makes self-love more difficult.

Life on earth is confusing, cruel, and downright torturous for many people. But it’s important to remember that some souls incarnate with troubles on their plate and the intention to spend their lifetime trying to transcend them. Sometimes group plans even override our individual plans and propel us into global or countrywide struggles to overcome. Despite these challenges, self-love is the secret to overcoming any negative mirror or event from the outside world.

Once we can believe we’re an aspect of divinity worthy of love, taking time to provide self-care and attentive behaviors for our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies becomes easier. When our focus in these areas is strong, earth’s illusions can’t take us off course in our efforts to embrace the highest good for neighbors, humanity, and ourselves. These aspects create a vortex of positive creative energy, which in turn manifests our world around us.

The initial step in maintaining self-love requires a heartfelt belief in our worthiness. Many religions mistakenly have thought that the sin of hubris is so deadly that they overemphasize how insignificant and small a human being is in the natural order of the world. They promote the belief that the smaller the self-image (especially the spiritual self-image), the better and more acceptable it is to the god of their religion. Of course, this is all baloney since we are all aspects of divinity and have powerful creative forces within us to manifest our dreams in this world.

We don’t need to deserve, pray, or beg for an outstanding life. It is ours for the taking by having enough self-esteem to expect good outcomes by planning for and allowing them to enter our lives. We can do this by awakening spiritual aspects within us that already know about this lifestyle and know how to create it.

The creative spark of divinity is located in every cell of our being and completely imbues us with all the positive aspects of love’s purest forms. This profound wisdom embraces humanity so powerfully that our behavior on earth could never reduce the divine’s love for us. Once we truly understand how deeply we are loved and learn to love ourselves this way, then we can feel empowered to love others unconditionally too.

Everyone wants to receive love from another but consistent self-nurturing behavior is a struggle. Are you interested to discover how many habits you maintain that would pass a self-love test? Look at what actually works in your life, let go of anything that isn’t nurturing, and commit to behaviors that enhance a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Then consider the following suggestions to improve your sense of worthiness:

* Love your self, as you would want others to love you.

* Love other people as much as you love the divine.

* Love yourself as your neighbors love their loved ones.

* Love yourself as all mothers in nature nurture their young.

I am

Remember who you are, where you came from, and where you’re going. Take the time to heal from your wounds and believe you are worthy of healing them. A healthy diet, exercise, and spiritual practices are ways to honor your self each day. Dedication to truth, love of spirit, and generosity of heart are essential qualities to embody. When problems occur and you forget who you are, self-love is how to remember.

Self-love is a state of being requiring such subtle effort, and its nature is so gentle, a good goal is to let your practice be unperceivable to the naked eye. Dedicate every breath toward pursuing happiness and sustaining positive nurturing behavior. Let every rise and fall of your lungs become a prayer to learn how to become your best effort to express love each moment.

Crises are opportunities to solve a mystery unfolding in front of you. When problems occur, just stop, look, and listen. Assume love is knocking on the door, trying to remind you how to find the right path to return to love again. Accept what happens, meditate for wisdom, and allow enlightened messages from your heart or soul teach you what you need to know to return home.

Our ability to heal ourselves and evolve is why we incarnated on earth. Love has the power to conquer all of earth’s illusions and loves a good fight. Many times it looks like life challenges us to learn to love others more, but it is usually a challenge for ourselves to develop self-love. We won’t grow when we pretend that our problems don’t exist, so embrace challenges and the opportunities to grow they provide.

When praying for peace and looking for love, consider the answers must also originate from within. Connecting our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects to love ourselves will assist our ability to manifest peace, love, and harmony in the outside world. Rest assured these qualities already exist in every cell of our body. Each cell knows what to do when pure love visits because they are made of the same stuff.

We are all aspects of divinity disguised as friends and strangers on this planet. Treat everyone as an equal and extend compassion without judgment. Contemplate this message carefully and feel truth’s vibration located within its words. Self-love prepares us to consciously create love in the world by experiencing this truth within ourselves. What we create in our internal world will quickly manifest in our outer world. This is how love begets love.

Feb2020 Eric Ehrke LCSW, LMFT is a psychotherapist at Ommani. He sees clients on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Call our office at 262.695.5311 to schedule an appointment.

Five Principles of Stewardship

While America impeaches the president, our country must decide if we want politicians with royal entitlement issues. As the United States judicial system debates our founding fathers constitutional intent, the five principles listed below provide the foundation not only for a good life but a thriving country. Since parents are called stewards of their family and climate change reflects human stewardship of planet earth, this article will revisit the principles of enlightened stewardship and how it develops. 

When kings and queens ruled centuries ago, a valued servant served food and drink throughout the castle’s dining halls with meticulous care. Serving the needs of royals with great skill was required. The word steward comes from combining two words: stig (house, hall) and weard (ward, guard, guardian, keeper). Stewardship responsibilities eventually included all the domestic, service and management needs of an entire household. Commercial stewardship expanded the concept to include a representative that meets the customer’s needs in trains, ship, and airline passengers or restaurant guests. Over time, the term stewardship referred to the responsible overseeing and protection of something valuable worth caring for and protecting. Serving one’s country or Mother Earth as a good steward is now included in its definition. 

The following five principles provide the foundation of healthy stewardship

  1. Love needs live in our home. This is how we know we are worthy, lovable and deserve to have our needs meet to create any dream. Manifesting any desire including healthy stewardship stems from this truth. When we know in the deepest sense how lovable we are, we have the courage to fight and claim our needs while being a good steward to the surrounding environment and those around us. 
  2. A fierce desire to find and know the truth of our unconscious motivations is necessary to become a good steward and the stuff of legends. Mythological tales that speak of slaying the dragons of the world are really speaking metaphorically of the courage to seek and slay the personality parts within that are not connected to our heart and soul. It really isn’t slaying in a real sense but it means confront, love and embody the strongest desire for internal personal truth. If unchecked, our unconscious personality parts have private agendas programmed to protect us from our unexamined fears. If we fail to have the courage to confront our unconscious aspects of our personality, they can and will harm others. Everyone has needs based on unresolved issues that know fear and come from fear. These parts of our personality do not have access to our heart’s wisdom and soul’s guidance. Fear based actions unsupervised by the heart and soul frequently are out of balance with any form of healthy stewardship. All narcissism traits and exploitation of others stem from unexamined aspects of our psychological interior landscape, which self-protect and exploit, rather than serve others.
  3. After fierce self-examination the next step towards enlightened self-stewardship includes developing a personal loving heart connection and embodying the joy of our soul’s expression. When we live at this level, love and joy explodes from within, which the universe reflects back to us through the laws of karma and quantum physics. This additional energy mirrors more love and helps stewards give more to those they serve. This causes people to love stewards more because they now can experience a portion of their leader’s love and joy coming to them. Becoming a shinning example of someone living a loving, joyful life draws people like animals around a feeding trough. Stewards provide the food because they nurtured themselves first and then share their bounty with others. Since everyone wants more love and joy, people love stewards and eventually want to embody the stewardship principles they experienced. This is how the rich get richer and love multiplies. When we treat ourselves like royalty, we provide the food and drink that nurtures our heart and soul. Being a good servant or steward in this way will help us remember our roots, surrender to our absolute worthiness and align ourselves with the success built into our soul’s essence.  When we can begin to live a soul infused life our heart will feel loved and sing with joy. When we meet our needs from this place, the universe will mirror more loving bounty and provide reflections our joy.
  4. If we give while depleting ourselves, people will take what is offered but will not be inspired to copy us. Takers can fall into a pattern of seeking what they need for themselves from outside sources, which can perpetuate a long cycle of using others, quick fixes and addictions. When we use another’s love and energy, we ignore our own resources within our heart and soul. The soul will never let this happen and cycles of pain, struggle and strife will come in to us learn another way to meet our needs. When learn to love our selves and meet our needs joyfully, self-esteem will rise and stewardship starts to develop organically. Eventually we will become more generous and giving because it becomes our joy to pass the bounty on. Once we give at this level, everyone loves us more and the process accelerates from a positive perspective. Once we give from this place and everyone benefits, then others will want to be like us.
  5. This last step is a reminderlisten to your soul and become fierce a lover. Address your needs and meet them regularly. Reminders of your absolute birthright of happiness, joy and fulfillment are necessary for stewardship. By living with a loving heart and the joy within our soul you will never stray far from home. When the intellect disconnects from our heart and soul, self-love is required to feel and find the unconscious parts that need attention. If we fail to address our unresolved issues, pain, struggle and obstacles to our dreams will come to suggest examination. Suffering will stay around until we learn to live from our heart and soul. The universe will reflect back to us whatever truth is present through its eternal mirrors. During these troubling times of partisan politics and quid pro quo leadership, please remember these five principles of stewardship and the resulting truth, love and joy will set you free.

How Energy Moves Between People (Part II)

In Part I of this article I mentioned that scalar waves require two points to initiate their creation, a sender and a receiver. When a healing energy wave initially starts to ramp up internally as a focused intentional frequency in the sender. When it’s matched by the desire of the receiver to heal, the second point is created and a scalar wave begins. This is how the positive scalar multiplier works. Dark intentions create negative scalar events in the following ways. Projecting negativity onto another is not a benign activity. Rage filled intention, if held for enough time, produces an energetic negative projectile that enters the recipient’s field. Imagine a knife imbedding itself into the target’s emotional field that mimics a form of cancer. Depending how aware the target is as an individual, they will also get infected with anger and return the favor like the dog pictured above. Targets often will not know why they become so negatively focused on the sender, which may deepen the infection from the sender’s anger. People, who recycle anger willingly and embrace their victim status wholeheartedly, will develop internal negative scalar waves. Now, let’s explore the cancer analogy more fully, which on the lighter side is just misinformation. When a focused negative projectile delivers its message of hate or anger, it acts like an infecting virus that injects a destructive directive. Our cells or affected body parts may forget their healthy nature and begin to embody or believe what the sender programmed within the virus. If the targeted individual already had dormant cancer cells (illusions) based on a similar negative self-talk, they will activate and magnify the sender’s misinformation.

The life principle that Walter Russell refers in the diagram above can illustrate how the universe provides mirrors to our unconscious creations. In the East, this phenomenon is called karma and in the West ‘cause and effect.’ When we recycle repetitive negative thoughts, focus our anger on others and/or project rage at others, our dark intentions will affect both sender and receiver. Often times a soul lesson is involved when a long history of viral infections and dissociated, misguided messages inundate an individual. The universe will always mirror our illusions back to us so we can witness, then heal darkness. Perhaps this is why the phrase, “Anger begets anger,” continues to have meaning over the millennia. Wisdom and pain are powerful teachers. Scalar waves will inflame wisdom or pain. Unfortunately, most of us learn the most through pain. Depending upon the maturity, emotional intelligence, positive energy and immune system built up by a healthy individual, the recipient of negativity can beat off any virus and not succumb to it. Unfortunately, many of our ancestors were infected with anger, hatred and became virus carriers through endless wars, ethnic cleansing and partisan politics. Our challenge is to remember our divine origins and reject illusions that may metastasize cancerous misinformation. Dark thoughts are magnets that bring more negative, scalar energy to come our way to help us address illusion and walk in our truth. Negative scalar cycles fuel all ancestral grudges, ancient hatreds and ethnic wars as well as genocide. Even chronic conflicts in the Middle East, Asia and around the world are fueled by similar scalar phenomenon. Victims often feel controlled and may fixate on the errors of others, the crimes they committed as a form of retaliation. This anchors in the second point of the scalar energy principle, which produces spectacular negative results. This process also explains why crybabies, wimps and victims are so powerful at attracting negativity onto them. This is how we co-create our reality so we can learn about our illusions and create more enlightened outcomes. Every victim comment and self-predictive whine about how nothing ever works operates like a siren to the universe asking for the mirror of truth to manifest the reality we complain about. This scalar process was originally designed to powerfully aid us in our creations for positive goals. Unfortunately for the unconscious creators, it is just as effective with anger, hatred and negativity in its’ manifestation powers. Please consider these facts. Everyone who has been affected by scalar energy knows its power. Who hasn’t been swept away with anger like a rip tide in the ocean? Don’t fight the anger with anger. It just pulls us further out into the sea of negativity. Swim at a 90-degree angle to find peace and harmony. The harbor of safety and smooth water will appear just like the lifeguards advise us to do in any rip tide.

Dec2019 Eric Ehrke LCSW, LMFT is a psychotherapist at Ommani. He sees clients on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Call our office at 262.695.5311 to schedule an appointment.

How Energy Moves Between People (Part 1)

This article will explore how energy moves between people and populations no matter how large or small the scale. When James Clerk Maxwell and Nicola Tesla initially studied electromagnetic longitudinal waves, they noticed untapped energy sources that flew in multiple directions at 90-degree angles. Fascinated by this etheric energy source, which isn’t measurable in the physical world, they referred to this energy as ‘potentials.’ Called scalar waves today, the scientific community still debates whether they truly exist.

Energy travels over the space-time continuum instantly through intention, quantum physics and core manifestation principals. Pure passion, focused intention and clarity of purpose, when combined with the mirroring and matching energy from the universe create predictable outcomes. Many people have accepted these first concepts to be true. I will now add some speculative ideas about how individuals and populations could be affected by positive or problematic scalar ‘potentials.’

When focused energy is sent to an individual or group who wants or accepts the energy a second important event occurs…scalar energy. Its power can be intentionally used for a wide range of positive purposes, such as improving our physical health, psychological growth, and prayer. Scalar waves require two points to initiate their creation, a sender and a receiver. This healing energy wave initially starts to ramp up internally as a focused intentional frequency in the sender. When it’s matched by the desire of the receiver, the second point is created and a scalar wave begins.

Scalar energy can be sent anywhere in the universe, because energy travels over the space-time continuum instantly through intention, quantum physics, and core manifestation principles. Since we exist in an electromagnetic field ourselves, scalar energy can be sent to an organ inside our body, another individual, or a distant group that wants or deserves the energy. It can heal damaged cells and change matter within our body, or anyone else’s body, for that matter, anywhere in the universe.

Scalar energy is renewable, green and follows the basic laws of physics. It is the basis for healing through diet, exercise, focused intent to heal, energy work and visualization methods. ‘Potential’ energy initially starts to ramp up, when an individual narrows his or her intention with a lazar-like focus. If this energetic frequency is matched by a similar desire of the receiver, a scalar process may occur. Damaged cells heal within our body can heal with dedicated passion, unbridled desire and appropriate behaviors. If our body heals, many call it a miracle or divine intervention and strangely enough truer words could not be spoken.

When our divine nature and the benevolent universe combine forces, mountains can move. However, the basic physics of these ‘potentials’ that Nicola Tesla talked about is predicable, understandable and can be reproduced. Scalar energy becomes stronger and more powerfully focused when the sender and receiver share the same desire. An easy way to understand this phenomenon for people not trained in the physical sciences is to consider that scalar energy basically has a multiplying effect. 

All churches, ashrams, synagogues, and mosques benefit from this same principle when people pray together. This scalar multiplying effect amplifies the focused energy sent out and received. This is how small groups of single-minded people can powerfully influence events on earth. Scalar waves are a fourth-dimensional phenomenon that has always existed. Humanity has been unaware of it works, while physicists are just starting to develop theories to understand scalar energy. Future discoveries will change how we understand matter and our conscious relationship to it.

The fourth dimension is a place where time does not exist in the same way as we currently experience it on earth. Manifestation in the third dimension is like the slow tortoise in the mythical race against a speedy fourth-dimensional rabbit. It takes consistent energy, intention, and strict adherence to manifestation techniques to consciously manifest our dreams at this time.

Most people don’t really understand that they are creating their internal and exterior realities, due to the length of time it takes to experience their manifestations. In the fourth dimension, time begins to bend and loop onto itself, which creates vortexes that speed up the creative process significantly. The same manifestation principles apply in both dimensions, but time shortens in the fourth. Who hasn’t felt time speeding up?

Consider the fact that we are fourth-dimensional beings already. Have you experienced a situation where time sped up or slowed down during a peak-experience moment? We’ve always had the power to suspend time, and we created those experiences whether we’re aware of it or not. So consider the possibility that we are more amazing than we think. The time-space continuum and quantum physics phenomenon are real. We can embrace the unknown once the appropriate understanding is achieved.

Time has stood still multiple times in my life, but the following event at our family’s lake cottage stands out as poignant example of a crisis that triggered my first fourth-dimensional experience. When I was a thirteen a tree leaning over the water at a seventy-degree angle, which became a test of courage for my group of friends to slalom ski under the tree limb. It was dangerously shallow under that tree, with rocks ready to greet anyone making a mistake.

One day I took a bad angle as I skied under the tree limb. When my keel hit a rock, my ski stopped cold and I started flying through the air at thirty-five miles per hour. Time stood still as I assessed the situation midair, carefully flattened out to land parallel, to the water, and calmly planned my survival strategy. Skipping over the water like a skimming stone, I used my hands and shoulders as shock absorbers. I escaped injury, a much wiser young man, with only a few small stones embedded in the fleshy parts of my hands. 

Scalar waves explain how and why irrational emotional waves can sweep over an individual, group, or even a country. Some would say that a collective amnesia swept over Germany in the 1930s, which allowed them to consider a war right after they had been devastated by one twenty years earlier. History is rife with additional examples of hysterical, raging carnage that, upon reflection, seem like collective madness—all manifested through the physics of scalar waves. Currently, our country is rife with partisan politics that is shaking the foundations of our constitution. Perhaps America will re-dedicate itself its foundational core values and principles that our forefathers envisioned in 1776 in the near future with the same soul-searching reflection that the German people did during the sobering aftermath after World War II.

Massive positive energies can also accumulate and spread through a country. A good example of this process was during the Revolutionary war, when America beat a superior British adversary. All David versus Goliath stories use similar scalar dynamics to accomplish remarkable victories. It’s important that everyone understand the physics of emotional energy so scalar energy is not used negatively. I will talk about how negativity moves between people and the power of negative scalar waves in How Energy Moves Between People (Part II). 

Meditation…from Jackhammers to Hummingbirds (Part 2)

Everyone has jackhammers pounding in their brain telling us what to do. Meditation helps us hear the loving hummingbird connected to our soul whispering within. Listening to the soul’s hummingbird voice whispering into our ear amidst the intellect’s jackhammers is quite challenging. It’s important to remember that our soul wants to communicate with us and incarnate with that intention. The soul is interested in long-range values and principles designed to advance our enlightenment goals. Since the soul has a direct connection to our spiritual nature and all of divinity, anyone can transcend the mundane and access eternal wisdom.

Our soul is our higher self in our highest form—and a true friend. Everyone struggles with illusion, while the soul knows where to go and what to avoid in earth’s mazes. When we embrace its wisdom and follow its guidance, our spiritual center will serve us as a faithful gyroscope providing balance and direction during life’s storms. Indirect soul communication whispers suggestions that take the form of internal voices, which provide intuitive hits and hunches. Some psychologists and religions believe these phenomena originate from our super ego or conscience. These intuitive messages and synchronous events transmit information to us all the time. A well-timed song, unusual animal behavior, or sage advice from a stranger provides just a few examples of its creativity. 

Many people intuitively understand that the universe speaks to them, instinctively follows its clues, and graciously accept improved outcomes. When we receive the intention, translate the message, and comprehend the meaning of our soul’s conscious signals, our co-creative ability to manifest our dreams improves dramatically. A consistent meditation practice is a reliable way to experience our divine nature. The secret to happiness lies in soul connection and following its suggestions. 

Think of soul communication as a friendly chat with a close buddy. This may remove some of the mystery, ritual, and hoopla that may interfere with this significant relationship. Since it’s just a private conversation with our spiritual nature, any intentional method designed to connect to our soul will work. Develop an approach that’s fun and easy to do, because enjoying the process is crucial. . In order for this connection to occur, the mind needs to quiet itself and empty sufficiently to reach the required frequency for the primitive mechanisms of the personality to interpret the soul’s vibratory harmonic. The singular focus of a predator stalking its prey is the energetic quality needed to hunt for our soul. 

Raising one’s harmonics requires a passionate desire for connection, focused behavior to manifest it, and consistent dedication to release any illusion blocking connection. Even though spiritual masters often used divergent paths to reach their advanced state of enlightenment, they all needed to attain the appropriate frequency, like the rest of humanity, before any spiritual revelation manifested. 

We are given all the time we need to master illusion’s mysteries and raise our harmonics before the soul will reveal itself fully or even partially. This process feels deceptive and excruciating for most of us, because the soul will wait patently and refuse to reveal itself until we reach the requisite frequency. When the appropriate vibration is finally achieved, its subtle and profound power will be the strongest force you will ever experience. The soul is yielding like water, yet can move a mountain. It’s gentle, yet can heal any problem blocking its path. It’s subtle, yet will scream to the highest of highs for assistance for any worthy project. 

A consistent meditation practice is a reliable way to experience our divine nature. The secret to happiness lies in soul connection and following its suggestions. Differentiating between our soul’s gentle recommendations and unconscious attitudes and illusions pounding like jackhammers is an important milestone.

Our soul unconditionally loves us and wants us to succeed. Its voice is tender, loving, and forgiving. It’s never in a hurry, judgmental or critical. The soul’s communications are honoring and respectful while gently offering suggestions. It embraces equanimity, mindfulness, and life’s pleasures, such as the need to play, laugh, and relax. Since our soul lives within our energetic field, it understands the personal needs of being human. When we struggle and have setbacks, it comforts our personality and will provide positive suggestions to get us back on track.

Our soul will readily communicate with us, but mental voices mired in illusion may pretend they speak for our soul. Usually, they are unconscious intellectualizations or belief systems from our past, which require healing. The illusionary aspects of our intellect are formidable, so fine-tuning our physical sensitivity and emotional fields to accurately sense our soul’s presence in our body is an important skill to master. Our heart is the best tool at deciphering what the purist form of love feels like. Don’t listen to voices that bring pain, express negativity, and fail to honor. They are illusion. We must listen only to loving voices that allow us to be who we are. The more our heart and soul learns to work together, the better the partnership becomes. With enough practice we can learn to put them both on automatic pilot so that our soul’s voice is integrated in all of our decisions. 

The following suggestions for soul connection are designed to help everyone advance on their spiritual path toward a conscious relationship with their body, mind, and soul.

Suggestions for Soul Connection

Intention. Connect to your passionate desire to hear your soul’s hummingbird voice within. Align your behavior, intellect and desire towards connecting to your soul. Sit in a quiet place, breathe naturally and focus your intention to connect directly with your soul. Allow your longing for your highest good to build. 

Surrender. Release your intellectual jackhammers that try to run the show. Release any attachments or expectations about how things need to work. Empty your mind to openly monitor (OM) or focus your attention (FA) on an activity that creates space for you to witness the subtle sensations within your body. A quiet mind allows time to focus and listen to our soul’s hummingbird voice. Be receptive of any subtle voices, physical sensations, and emotional reactions that give subtle clues about the soul’s presence.

Allow. To allow is to witness flow, which is the ability to comprehend and organically experience spiritual connection. Practice mindfulness and equanimity by letting whatever happens to be okay. Witness without judgment is desirable. Let go of mental longing to direct the process and release any attachments to outcome. Allowing is accomplished through intention, not effort or force. A passive activity of receptivity and love from our heart center is the goal—not effort and willfulness from our power center. 

Witness. Set the intention to learn the subtle signs of the transcendent with an inquisitive, receptive, and child-like open mindedness. Let wonder explode and notice every subtle experience with careful consideration. Sense any feelings, physical sensations, mental images and/or hummingbird whispers that indicate soul communication. Witnessing is a passive, mindful process, where we notice and access what occurs internally and externally to us. But it’s also an active exercise as we look for clues to an unfolding mystery, like the famous detective Sherlock Holmes.

Communicate. A crucial aspect of soul communication is the level of trust and comfort we have with our mind, body, and soul connection. Try different ways to connect to your soul and choose what works best. Don’t engage in any obsessive-compulsive behaviors that the power centers of the intellect and willpower prefer. Learn your soul’s communication style, play with options, and then choose a reliable positive signal that indicates your soul’s presence. 

Our soul will only respond to questions intended for our highest good.  Since our soul is only interested in our spiritual development. Since our personality has many physical realities of earthy existence to sort out, understanding what meets our highest spiritual good threshold can get dicey. Practice allows us to develop our own style and comfort level. Some people communicate with their soul through direct knowing and/or impressions, while others connect through physical sensations. 

Doubting your experience is a common phenomenon. To address this problem, you can ask for a physical sign of your soul’s presence so you wouldn’t sabotage yourself. For example, a “yes” signal could be a surge of energy on the right side of your head while a “no” signal is a surge on the left. If you fail to get a surge of energy, the answer to your binary question may be more complex. Then wait for an explanation that may come in words, paragraphs visual images, or sensations that we need to interpret. The positive and negative signals can confirm if our interpretation is accurate. Everyone has their own style, which may include any one of the above options or another signal altogether. A crucial aspect of mastery is the level of trust and comfort people have with their signals. 

Appreciation. Acknowledging positive reflections from our soul encourage the communications to continue. Thanks are always appreciated, and appreciation allows us to give love back to the divine and our soul, which helped create our transcendent experiences. If you strike for a while, keep on trying. Your soul would like nothing better than to communicate with you. 

Once we know what our soul recommends for our highest good, the next task is exercising the discipline to follow through with its advice. Many times we need to ignore our immature inner voices that start to scream bloody murder when we try to change addictive behaviors. Unresolved unconscious material will always try to pull us back into illusion’s grasp again until we heal it. Direct soul communication invites everyone to skip the personality’s slower road to obtaining wisdom, health, and happiness through its method of trial and error. We can take the fast train to the same place by asking the highest aspect of our soul and all of divinity to suggest which paths enlighten. Having the courage to follow through and trust eternal wisdom that isn’t so obvious to the intellect and is truly…a mystical journey.

Oct2019 Eric Ehrke LCSW, LMFT is a psychotherapist at Ommani.  He sees clients on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Call our office at 262.695.5311 to schedule an appointment.

The Six Stages of Enlightenment

Hope Springs Eternal

By Eric Ehrke, LCSW, LMFT

Alexander Pope in his Essay on Man initially penned the inspiring phrase “Hope springs eternal.” Like a warm ember, hope can awaken a frozen heart on a bitter night. When we loose our bearings, optimism and virtue have always been welcome visitors. Fear can electrify our insides, while hope soothes like a calming, fresh breeze. This article will explore the importance of the virtue called hope.
Defined as moral excellence, the seven Western virtues include temperance, prudence, courage, justice, faith, hope, and love (charity). Some Eastern traditions add rectitude and benevolence into the virtue mix. Unfortunately, when we’re too busy surviving or attempting to control events around us, virtue often gets thrown out the window.
Hope is like a gentle sparrow that flicks from tree to tree. To nature lovers, this familiar, little songbird provides a pleasant normality. Since the laws of nature are equally applied, cats, birds of prey, and even some people eat sparrows. Fortunately, sparrows are quick and agile, can dodge death and still sing to their heart’s content. By not only surviving but also thriving, the sparrow’s resiliency offers hope to everyone.
Sparrows are small, not heavily armored and escape predators well. They are sweet, gentle birds and stick around throughout the coldest winters. Since their flocks have such large numbers, reproduction doesn’t seem to be a problem. Despite numerous predators and harsh winters, they seem to getting along just fine. Due to their success, for all I know sparrows could be the inspiration behind Disney’s famous Magic Kingdom song, “It’s a Small World,” that everyone can’t get out of their head.
If you’re struggling with depression and need inspiration, remember these little creatures. When you watch a group of sparrows, one of their important adaptations is how social they are. Notice how this small creature scavenges food and finds shelter in the humblest of places, while they’re singing songs and creating beauty wherever they are.

Hope is an important quality of our soul. When we feel lonely and isolated, love and heart connection are easily forgotten. Perhaps the courage it took to write the book, “The Audacity of Hope,” inspired Barrack Obama, when his hair turned grey so quickly during his presidency, to keep his hair natural rather than color it orange. Jokes aside, every human soul never forgets its divine origins. Our challenges are to remain spiritually connected and live mindfully. I consider hopefulness, mindfulness, and soulfulness sacred siblings. Hope is the salve or ointment that calms us down during challenging times. When we feel alone and nothing is working, hope is a reliable horse that gets us where we need to go during gasoline shortages.

Hope is the first step of the creative process. This virtue provides the first hint of possibility and indicates that solutions can happen. Every creative act must start from somewhere and hope ignites the engine of possibility. Like a good train engineer, hope stokes the fires and fuels a powerful locomotive called possibility. Intention is the engine that moves our creation down the tracks that and eventually manifests dreams.

Developing a good sense of timing and knowing when to share our hopes and dreams with others is an important skill to master. Dreams are important and hope is the close sibling of a dreamer. Dreams are a refined collection of focused hope. Our mind is designed to develop the actual plan to manifest hopes and dreams. This is why we need to nurture our dreams like little blades of grass when they initially break through the earth.

Individual blades of hope can create a beautiful lawn where life thrives. It’s always important to nurture and protect each blade of grass from storms and stomping feet. Crowds of people walking on young grass can kill a lawn. This is the reason many sages advise discernment when sharing hopes and dreams with the wrong people.

Discussing hopes and dreams with individuals lacking in virtue and who don’t care about you is futile. They can ridicule and crush creative impulses. They kill your dream by riding horses over your young blades of grass. Only let people who want to help your lawn grow know about your hopes and dreams. By nurturing and protecting seedlings long before strangers get to walk, stomp or ride horses over then, lawns will survive just fine.

By sharing hopes and dreams too quickly, seedlings can whither and die from lack of nurturing. Hold hopes and dreams, give them time to mature before showing them to the unwashed masses too quickly.  Some people call this concept, “holding your gold” before flashing wealth to the unworthy. Gold can be stolen and some people steal or may call your hopes and dreams “fool’s gold.” The temptation to drop gold or throw wealth away before hopes and dreams have a chance to become a beautiful garden of possibility may occur in these circumstances.

In summary, hope is like a gentle flower or a blade of grass. It needs to be nurtured just like a beloved baby. We all have hopes and dreams about babies and what they will become when they grow up. Healthy babies do best with lots of love, song, and connection just like a flock of sparrows. Hope needs recognition, because it is the first step of any project or dream.

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