Chakra Work – Spiraling Toward Deeper Levels of Joy and Creativity

You may have noticed I haven’t written many newsletter articles in late 2015. I just couldn’t “get inspired” to write, andfelt it wouldn’t be authentic if I did. When I write, I strive to speak truly from my heart. At times, I get very clear Divine messages or messages from my soul about what I feel compelled to say. This fall I honored my internal guidance that told me I needed to conserve my energy, to go inward, and let go of some things I felt I “should” do. After this recent phase of deeper self-care, introspection and release, I’ve emerged feeling calm, centered, joyful, and especially creative. I feel inspired to express my unique perspective and personality, contributing to the greater good. I am excited to see what I will create with this newly rediscovered and rejuvenated part of myself.

On my own life journey, I have discovered that as I continue to evolve spiritually and emotionally, it is a spiral journey, similar to walking a labyrinth. On a labyrinth, there is a clear path to follow, but it is circular or the path follows unexpected turns before coming to the center. The circuitous path then leads us back out to the beginning. We gain new insights about ourselves & our truths, releasing baggage that we’ve picked up along the way, freeing space and energy for the present moment and for what lies ahead. While honoring our story and journey, we are also transformed.

During a Reiki session, along with feelings of calm and deep relaxation, there is often an energetic or emotional release, or a deep insight or receipt of a soul message that occurs & allows one to feel lightness and freedom that was inaccessible before the release. After the session, we integrate what we’ve gained into navigating our lives in a healthier, enlightened way.

My other love–yoga, is another way of accessing our energy. In yoga we practice awareness, breath, and movement to
create improved energy flow and balance, in addition to many other benefits.

It is fascinating to me how the chakras or energy centers within our bodies, are affected by life, and also affect our lives. Each chakra corresponds to certain needs, life issues, and emotions. The chakras also function together, informing and affecting each other. When there is a blockage or excess of energy in one area, it creates imbalance in one’s body, mind, spirit, and life. Reiki and yoga assist in restoring balance within these energy centers. When heavy energy is acknowledged and released, it frees us up to be our true selves, to face our challenges, and to enjoy being who we truly are. The result is we experience deeper joy and connection in our lives.

A chakra is often described as a spinning vortex of light and energy. This reminds me of the labyrinth. We take things in, learn, and change, then release what no longer serves us. This allows our continued growth.

The spiral continues. If we choose to consciously navigate this life, we learn our life’s lessons on more and more subtle levels. We may experience similar issues in a different way that requires us to strengthen parts of ourselves and release others. Over and over, we journey through this familiar territory. But on each trip, we discover new truths. We see how far we’ve come, which informs us in our new situations. We can become more real, more free. Life becomes a creative process, uncovering our soul’s wisdom, purpose, and joy.

I feel very grateful and honored to assist and support others on their journeys of healing and discovery through Reiki sessions, individual therapeutic yoga sessions, and/or group yoga classes at the Ommani Center. I would love to meet you and travel with you on your journey. I invite you to call the Ommani Center to schedule an appointment, or drop into a yoga class.  (See for class descriptions and times). Blessings, love, and light – Shelley

Shelley Carpenter, PT, RYT, Reiki Master/Teacher, offers Reiki sessions, Therapeutic Yoga Sessions, and Group Beginner/Intermediate Yoga classes at The Ommani Center. To schedule an appointment, please call the Ommani Center and/or leave a message in the general mailbox. For more information, please visit or