The Medicinal Qualities of Garlic

In 2001, a group of Israeli food chemists discovered that heating garlic immediately after cutting or crushing it destroys its health benefits.  Allicin, garlic’s most active ingredient that has cancer fighting properties is only created after garlic is chopped or sliced and rested for 10 minutes before frying or cooking it.  It takes this long for allicin to form after a protein and enzyme in garlic, alliin and allinase (present in different parts of garlic) come together to form allicin.  The BEST way to facilitate the formation of this medicinal compound in garlic is with a garlic press.  If not rested for 10 minutes after pressing, chopping or crushing prior to heating, ALL the medicinal properties of garlic are lost.  The same is true if garlic is microwaved.  The microwave destroys the medicinal properties in most foods.

Garlic has incredible anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and blood thinning properties.

It is worth the ten minutes of resting garlic to capture and benefit from all of its medicinal properties.