I haven’t written any articles recently. For me, this winter was a time of going inward, hibernating. It was time for me to keep quiet and conserve my energy. I’ve been going through training in shamanic healing, which has involved deep self-healing and contemplation. It’s been a time of “re-calibration” of my energy system, my Self. Now that spring has arrived, I feel renewed. I feel ready for what life has to offer.

Our family just arrived home from a trip to Paris and England. Three of us had never been overseas, so it was quite an adventure. We were happily surprised that spring had arrived earlier there. The deep green grass, the colorful, scented flowers, and the cuddly white newborn lambs had even more of an effect on me than all of the amazing architecture, art, and food.

We are all connected to nature. We can’t escape its effect on us. We can choose to ignore it or fight it, but our souls crave more of this connection. The extra hours of daylight, the green buds on the trees, the vibrant bloom of spring flowers, the sounds of the birds are here for us to enjoy. Today.

I encourage you to carve out moments in each day to connect with the beauty of nature. Stand in the grass and feel the life in the earth beneath you. There is so much happening beneath the surface. See and feel how trees that looked dead in winter are actually full of life. They were resting and waiting for Divine timing. At the same time, remember that you are part of creation. Feel the light and life within yourself. Trust your inner knowing and your personal connection to the same Divine timing.

The practices of yoga and Reiki can help us cultivate the ability to quiet our minds and get to a place of present-moment awareness. This is where peace happens. Using our senses to fully experience what’s here, right now, joy happens. Even in the midst of challenges. When we are present we begin to cultivate a sense of gratitude for what we do have. We begin to cultivate a sense of awe in the beauty and mystery of life. This awe in creation leads to creativity: art, music, writing, building, speaking Truth. When we allow ourselves to be present, we experience deep connection to Beauty: of nature, our Selves, and each other.
I invite you to join me in a group yoga class, individual therapeutic yoga session or Reiki session at The Ommani Center. Blessings, love and light, Shelley

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