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Health and Wealth

A “Not to Miss” Workshop

Our relationship with money is about as complex as our relationship with our body.  The roots of misalignment of both health & wealth are connected to our level of self-worth. This becomes even more complicated and affected by what is projected upon us by society and family. 

We live out these contaminations and they are experienced through the subjugated treatment we receive like:

  • The glass ceiling 
  • Under-pricing of our gifts and offerings 
  • Remaining in conflict with our financial security 
  • Understanding how to regain health and empowerment 

All of this creates FEAR when it comes to our BODIES and our BANK ACCOUNTS.

Many women depend upon their partners for survival and have to work hard to align themselves with a ‘right relationship’ with their bodies and also money.  Since our society does not strive for authentic health, we are left alone with no direction or REAL context or skills to heal. Without a skill set, we remain disempowered.

This workshop will help tease out these pieces and simplify the roots of what we need to do to correct these relationships and heal the contaminations. 

  • How do we live with freedom in relationship to our bodies and money?
  • How do we restore health and authenticity to these areas?
  • How do we heal our lack of empowerment?

Our goal is to offer you consciousness and basic skills to heal your relationship with your body, health and money to regain your intrinsic power and release the contaminations present within from society, family and negative self-talk.  Jennifer will also present how to align your inner values and life goals with financial choices for personal fulfillment.  

The Presenters:

Dr. Rose Kumar, founder and CEO of The Ommani Center for Integrative Medicine

will present the body and health segment

Jennifer Hypkiss, Certified Financial Planner, will present the financial segment.

The Details:

Friday, September 6, 2019

8:30 am to 12:30 pm

Fee $120

Stone Bank Farm Market

N68 W33208 County Hwy K

Oconomowoc, WI 53066

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