Homeopathic Home Use Remedies-Second in a Series

Homeopathic remedies for home use are easiest to use with injuries and first aid. They’re more difficult to use with acute (short-term, self-limited) illnesses. Their use in chronic, long-standing conditions requires formal training and experience. So most homeopathic remedy displays in health-related stores supply remedies related to the first two situations.

Last month we talked about calendula, arnica and bellis perennis for acute injuries. This month we are covering another three well-known remedies, known as the ABC  for acute illnesses – aconite, belladonna and chamomilla.

Aconite (aconitum napellus) is sometimes called “arnica for the emotions”. This is because it can be used for emotional shocks, where we’ve been frightened by situations (such as accidents) more than physically injured. It helps calm the fright, shock and “shaking nerves” after such incidents.

But aconite is also good for shocks to the body, such as being exposed to cold, dry winds, followed by the rapid development of inflammatory symptoms such as sore throats, coughs, earaches, irritated eyes, etc.  It is the best “first” remedy when these physical symptoms of inflammation (heat, pain, redness) initially appear.

Another remedy for quickly developing symptoms, especially high fevers, is belladonna. With belladonna we’ll see more flushing of the face, heat radiating from the skin, strong pulses and throbbing types of pains, and agitation.

The third is an excellent remedy for irritability, anger, and colicky type pains (those that come and go). It is chamomilla. There are many stories of children who are nearly inconsolable because of an earache, stomach pain, teething, etc.  This is a perfect example of where chamomilla helps them to quiet down and sleep.

Generally speaking, 2-3 pellets of the 6c or 30c potencies for all of these remedies, repeated according to symptom response, is a good starting point for dosing and these can be safely used for a few days, as needed.

The above information is simply a distillation of clinical experience over the past two hundred years and more. More specific information about the use of remedies in the home is available in numerous, easy to acquire, books.

Jan 2018 David Johnson is a Certified Classical Homeopath and sees clients of all ages. To learn if your condition is amenable to homeopathic care, you can reach and or schedule an appointment with David at the Ommani Center: 262-695-5311.