Homeopathy for Colds and Flu

The home use of homeopathic remedies is easily accomplished with careful observation of symptoms, which can be very different depending upon the person.  When using homeopathic remedies at home, the first thing to determine is what is characteristic or distinguishing about the problem. In other words, if we had only one word, one sentence, one paragraph to describe our experience, what would that be? Remedies are matched with these characteristic symptoms, and often NOT by the indications on the vials, which can be too general to be helpful.

Here are some examples of cold and flu symptoms, matched with homeopathic remedies:

Arsenicum album

Symptoms:  Chilly, restless, anxious, burning pains, thirsty for small sips of water.


Symptoms: Sudden onset of high fever with flushing of the face, pulsating or throbbing in the head or elsewhere, profuse perspiration, and sensitivity to light and noise.


Symptoms: Fever with body aches improved by sitting/lying still, and aggravated by movement.

Eupatorium perfoliatum

Symptoms:  Aching pain in the bones and body.


Symptoms: Weakness, dizziness, headache, fever, heaviness of the eyelids and limbs. “Hit by a Mac truck.”

Nux vomica

Symptoms:  Irritability, impatient, chilled, gastrointestinal nausea and cramping, and possibly painful cough and paroxysmal sneezing. Headache with oversensitivity to sound, light, and odors.

Oscillococcinum® and Children’s Oscillococcinum®

Symptoms:  General flu-like symptoms: tired, body aches, chills and fever.

Rhus toxicodendron

Symptoms:  Restlessness and body aches: worse with first movement after sitting or lying, then better with continued motion. Restless desire to find a comfortable position for relief of the body aches.

Aconitum napellus

Symptoms:  Sudden onset of high fever, often after the shock of exposure to a cold dry wind. Hot face and dry skin. 

Apis mellifica

Symptoms: Facial flushing, swollen tonsils and sore throat. Eyelids may also be swollen. Dry fever alternates with sweating. Pain may extend to the ears. May feel better with cool air and cold applications. Usually thirstless. Irritability, disliking interference.


Symptoms: Thirsty for cold drinks, may then throw them up after they warm up in the stomach. Fever, easily-flushing face, weak and dizzy. Cough, sore throat, hoarseness and headache. May also have strong anxiety and fears, better with company and reassurance.


Symptoms: Used when symptoms are not as clear, or have been longer lasting and lingering. Digestive or respiratory symptoms may have a hot or burning quality, and one may feel hot and sweaty, with low-grade fever and red mucous membranes. Worse from heat; often worse after bathing.

All of these remedies are generally available at pharmacies or health food stores that carry homeopathic products and/or online. You do not need a prescription to purchase. A typical and easy to remember dosing regimen for home remedies is 30C potency pellets; 3 pellets 3 times daily for 3 days, as long as symptoms are being helped during that time. Usually a person will notice improvement after 1-3 doses, and if not, then the remedy may need to be switched. Of course, the above is not intended as medical advice, but rather as a resource to be used with other homeopathic information resources, and conventional intervention if necessary. Also, a visit to your homeopath will always be helpful.

January 2020 David Johnson is a Certified Classical Homeopath and sees clients of all ages for all types of conditions. To learn if your condition is amenable to homeopathic care or to schedule an appointment, please call Mr. Johnson at the Ommani Center: 262-695-5311.