Homeopathy – Nothing to Sneeze At!

Recently an acquaintance called complaining about her mid-winter “allergies.” She was especially bothered by her sneezing, which would often devolve into continuous jags of one sneeze after another. 

I also knew she was very stressed by her work. Although nothing in our talking suggested it, I asked if she was experiencing irritability or impatience. ‘Yes, both!’ she answered.

Nux vomica was the remedy I suggested. When all the symptoms fit, nux vomica is used when the nervous system has been taxed by “burning the candle at both ends.” The person is often driven and results-oriented, and becomes stressed when encountering inevitable obstacles to their goal. 

The stress on the nervous system can express itself through a “wired, on edge” feeling, including quick irritation, impatience, fatigue and indigestion. It is also uniquely indicated when bouts of continuous sneezing are present. 

Following a single dose of nux vomica, this person’s allergy-type symptoms began resolving within minutes. Then after a few more doses over the following hours, her symptoms of irritability and impatience also resolved. 

This is an example where her physical symptoms were the doorway into understanding her broader stress state. In homeopathy, we are looking to understand the fuller state of imbalance within the whole person, including very specific physical, mental and emotional challenges. Identifying these fuller patterns is how we match remedies with a person’s constellation of symptoms, and remedies in turn provoke self-healing corrections within the individual. 

The above is a relatively simple example of matching a remedy with a set of acute problems. The process is much more involved with long-standing challenges, yet when those problems exist and express themselves within the physical, mental and emotional realms, there is nearly always an answer in homeopathy. In fact, an important question is whether homeopathy is a good match for the individual, rather than if homeopathy is a good match for their problems, as the short answer for the latter is “yes.”

If you prefer using a holistic approach for helping with different symptoms you’re experiencing, and perhaps sense that past and current stresses have been driving forces behind your current “imbalance,” I invite you to call with other questions to help decide whether homeopathy is a fit for you.  

David Johnson, CCH, PA

Certified Homeopath


March 2021 David Johnson is a Certified Classical Homeopath and sees children and adults of all ages for all types of conditions.  To learn if your condition is amenable to homeopathic care or to schedule an appointment, please call us at 262.695.5311.  During the COVID pandemic he is offering a choice of care via telephonic visits or in-person appointments, for those persons free of COVID19 symptoms.