Medicine on the Edge

This blog is an expression of my vision, passion and interests that I want to share with the world. Our world is no longer connected to what is REAL. We must change this. People have gone off course and have lost their connection to soulfulness. All of our organizations are broken and serve fear, power and greed. I feel called to heal the organization of healthcare and restore the soul of Medicine. I have created a prototype for health care, The Ommani Center for Integrative Medicine – a cost effective healthcare model that HEALS patients rather than simply manages symptoms. Read about this in my book, Becoming Real. My generation of baby boomers has a responsibility to restore our world back to soul and mentor our future generations by living from a REAL place. I know this will restore us back to HEALTH and WHOLENESS. I want to live in a world where humanity and beauty are made real again through our human experience and we heal all that we have distorted and contaminated with superficiality. This blog is an effort to express ways in which we can do this and to also share what interests and inspires me. I know this will inspire you as well.