Qi and Fung Shui

Within the Chinese culture, the talk of Qi does not only pertain to the energy that circulates through the acupuncture meridians within the body, but also to the energy that flows through our environment.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is our goal to harmonize the internal environments of our bodies to bring about perfect health. 

There is an ancient system that is used to do the same harmonizing of our external environments known as Feng Shui and, thereby, also attempting to bring about perfect health. Feng Shui, pronounced fung shway,” is a Chinese philosophical system closely associated with the Taoist belief system. The literal translation is “wind-water.”  A feng shui consultant will use precise measurements of directions on a compass and apply it to a property to manipulate the “wind and water” energy, thus creating the best flow of Qi for each individual’s home, workplace or even a burial site.  Simply, the arrangement of furniture or building itself is said to work for or against an individual’s (or business’) overall well-being and success.  To provide an example, a cluttered office space or room lends itself to chaotic energy, possibly leading to an inability to focus or stay on task.  Here is an article that might be of interest pertaining to feng shui in the home as it pertains to our current winter season.

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