As I embark on another new phase of life, I am again humbled by this incredible lifelong journey of deepening discovery and growth. I knew this time would come—the time when our sons would grow up and leave the nest.  After our younger son went to college this fall, I’ve been spending significant time in the process of contemplation and recalibration.  It’s the only way I can describe it.  I feel I am being reset and recalibrated for what is to come. My role as mother is shifting, and my expanding role as a healer is being further revealed daily. 

As I often say in our yoga classes: Nothing is static.  Just as our minds and bodies are constantly changing with each breath, so are our lives.  When we drop the illusion of being in control and surrender to what is, we open ourselves up to deeper connection to God and to each other. 

The Irish have a term, thin place, which describes a place where the space between heaven and earth grows thin–where we can feel connected deeply to both.  This experience may happen in a sacred site such as a church or labyrinth, or sacred place in nature such as the edge of the ocean or on a mountaintop.  I also find that we have thin times, those times in life when we feel more fragile.  We feel more connected to the Divine and each other in tragedies, illnesses, deep joys, as well as during major life changes. 

These places and times open us up to our true nature.  They offer opportunities to tune in to the whispers of our souls.  By getting quiet, opening myself up more fully to my emotions and being kind to myself during this time of change, I have been experiencing more meaningful dreams, feeling a stronger flow of energy and intuition when offering Reiki, dropping into a deeper level of calm and tapping into Divine wisdom in my yoga, meditation practice and teaching. I have also felt more creative and open to learning and growth in my daily life.  I am more receptive to hearing my soul whispers.

I feel that all of us on earth are experiencing a thin time right now.  My prayer is that we will take time to care for ourselves, to each hear our individual soul whispers and to then use our unique gifts and callings to care for each other and our world.  I feel honored to be on this journey with you. 

Blessings, love and light,

Nov 2017 Shelley Carpenter, Physical Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master/Teacher is a practitioner at Ommani who offers group and individual therapeutic yoga sessions, individual physical therapy, and Reiki care.  Call our office at 262.695.5311 to schedule an appointment.