Reduce Symptoms of Depression, Grief, Low Motivation with Homeopathy

We all experience “low points” in our lives.  Those episodes are unique and different for each of us despite the fact that we tend to lump them under the umbrella of depression. A homeopath’s approach is to carefully listen to a client express and describe their singular experience of distress. It’s the client who is the expert of their distress and the approach of careful listening is the only way to accurately evaluate a person’s pain and need. After that time is spent, the homeopath then selects a specific homeopathic remedy that matches with a person’s unique experience.  In turn, a well-matched remedy is expected to help physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Here is a YouTube link (best opened in Chrome) in which a woman, Jan, talks about her experience of grief, lack of motivation, and out of control feelings.  She sought homeopathic care and after one dose of her remedy immediately noticed positive improvement in her mood. Results aren’t always that quick, but careful commitment to the homeopathic approach can be life-changing, as it was for Jan.

July 2019 David Johnson is a Certified Classical Homeopath and sees clients of all ages for all types of conditions. To learn if your condition is amenable to homeopathic care or to schedule an appointment, please call Mr. Johnson at the Ommani Center: 262-695-5311.