Reiki’s Contribution to Gut Health

In my Reiki practice, I have seen firsthand the benefits to the digestive system that a Reiki session provides. Reiki facilitates the relaxation response, which improves digestion.  Reiki also has a balancing effect—providing stimulation where sluggish, and creating relaxation where irritated or inflamed.

This corresponds with what we know about the chakras, or energy centers within the body. Each chakra corresponds to certain needs, life issues, emotions as well as the energetic and physical functioning of the body.  The manipura chakra (solar plexus) corresponds with the pancreas, adrenal glands, digestive system, middle back, and solar nerve plexus. When out of balance a large host of inflammatory issues, digestive issues, mid-back pain, muscle spasms, and/or fatigue can result.

This chakra also deals with the issues of personal power, energy, self-worth, sense of self/autonomy, taking action, responsibility/reliability, appropriate self-discipline.  This is also the energetic center where we carry shame, experience anxiety and anger.  This center plays a major role in how we deal with life, as well as in the functioning of the entire body.  When out of balance, it leads to multiple physical issues.  A chakra imbalance occurs when the energy flow is blocked/low flow (feeling anxious, powerless, lacking energy or drive for example) or excessive (ego-driven, domineering, uncontrolled anger, etc.)

Reiki gently assists the body to restore normal energy flow and balance. This has both an immediate effect (in providing a feeling of well-being and calm) as well as a long-term effect (assisting the physical and emotional healing process).  I was curious about any research that had been done on the effect of Reiki on gut health, and found an interesting study that appeared in Reiki News Magazine. In 2006, a study by Baldwin, et al (Ann Baldwin, PhD is a Professor of Physiology and Psychology at the University of Arizona) showed that Reiki was able to heal leaky gut in rats.  For more info about this and a summary of other studies about Reiki, please see the attached article below by Ann Linda Baldwin, PhD. 

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