RN Describes Her Intro to Homeopathy

Complementary and alternative medicines are often the target of skeptics, and this is particularly true of homeopathy. When I was teaching clinical medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, one of the top students confided how she used remedies for her children. My response to her was also doubtful: ‘Do those really work?’ I asked. She nonchalantly shrugged her shoulders and answered ‘Yes, of course.’ I had no real basis for my skepticism, except that homeopathic remedies were foreign to what I (thought I) knew.

At the time I was perfectly content practicing and teaching as a physician assistant, and for many reasons, I could not have imagined changing careers. I certainly did not expect the sacrifice that would follow, because I had accepted and was accustomed to the support of the established medical industry. This all changed as a homeopath, where instead of swimming with the current, I “decided” to turn upstream!

Nevertheless, after twenty years of practice as a homeopath I am still grateful. As with other complementary and alternative approaches, problems are understood much more deeply and in consideration of the individual. And because those approaches are individualized, it is difficult to conduct a double-blind study regarding effectiveness of particular treatments, which is one of the criticisms of skeptics. Whereas current studies test one treatment for one condition, in homeopathy any particular medical diagnosis is approached in a variety of ways, depending on the person and their particular life challenges.  

In this YouTube video, a nurse describes her introduction to homeopathy and how it helped her with eczema. The homeopathic interview explored her problem holistically, and revealed what was unique and characteristic about it. A remedy was then matched with her as an individual with eczema, rather than with the eczema alone.

Are you willing to consider something other than treatments matched with a broad population? If you would like to address your physical, mental, or emotional challenges more holistically, and are wondering whether homeopathy is a fit, you can call me at the Ommani Center @ 262-695-5311. I will be happy to talk with you about your current situation and how it would be addressed homeopathically.  

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