Self-Actualization is the Third Pillar of Self-Mastery

Self-love is the first pillar of self-mastery and is archived in the Ommani Jewel’s February 2020 edition. That article suggests, when we learn to truly love ourselves without conditions, we can start believing are worthy of a bountiful life. Recognizing it’s our responsibility to align our body, heart, and mind to consciously create our reality is the challenge of the second pillar, which is archived in the Jewel’s March 2020 edition. Once we learn to love ourselves and become responsible then sovereignty and actualizing dreams take priority. Due to the pandemic, I wrote articles about COVID-19 during the past three months. Now we have Black Lives Matter protests and No Justice, No Peace discussions. So, the time is ripe to describe the third pillar of self-mastery. Self-actualization is the ability to become empowered and self-understanding creates the foundation of personal power. It could be said that the inscription of the self-actualizing cornerstone reads: “In order to know who we are, we must learn to walk in the shoes of many people.” You may wonder why, when the operative word of each pillar is self, we must walk on many roads and navigate family footpaths? 

Self-actualization is a lifelong process of advocacy through opposites initially. Choices let us explore what we are not before realizing what we are. Exploring another’s opinion helps us learn about our self and grow backbones. Children are easily infected with other’s agendas, parental injunctions and religious attitudes that do not represent their eventual attitude about life. Developing a sense of self by exploring what we are not is the path adolescents typically walk. Autonomy, power and sense of identity are the driving forces of adolescents. This is the reason they have rebelled from parental authority throughout history. 

Toddlers want power. The first step on this long path is rejecting anything adults say…just because they can. Opposition mirrors an infant’s initial attempt to refuse anything from their mother. This is one of the ways a baby knows it is alive and separate from mother. The parent’s ability to understand this and champion individualization attempts gives the infant permission to grow and helps the child’s decision-making ability. If the mother is crushed by any attempt of the child to individuate, the baby may impede its own growth to help the mother feel better and fail to self-actualize. 

Rules need to be bent and boundaries explored so unique solutions can be developed to help us adapt to changing situations. This is why it’s important to let children’s minds grow without rigid boundaries. We need to give our children and ourselves permission to test boundaries in order to discover what’s possible and what’s not. This instills a mechanism to develop fresh ideas as the old ones cease to be effective. We all need avenues to express our creative impulses to the outside world so that the mirrors of the universe can reflect the results of our efforts back to us. This is how dreams actualize. The Internet is a great example of how unlimited opportunities provide a creative outlet and instantaneous feedback about humanity’s dreams.

Another important building block of self-actualization occurs as self-esteem improves and empowerment occurs, then a longing for spiritual connection grows. Since our soul is our self in its highest form, it knows what to do to meet our personal desires, needs, and internal instincts. After walking in the shoes of many people in our youth, healthy adults recognize outside guides aren’t necessary. For example, people of every color are walking together in the Black Lives Matter protests worldwide. Mature people are uniting and putting their bodies, hearts, minds and souls together to actualize their dreams of racial equality. Self-actualization breaks barriers and is a gift that keeps on giving.

People don’t need to be or should be clones of one another. Unfortunately, many cultures and religious traditions preserve ancient customs that stifle unique expressions and contrary ideas. Self-actualization inspires us to test boundaries, feed our creativity and individuate from the masses. A healthy nation advances through the self-actualization of its citizenry. One of the core reasons individual freedom, human rights, and democratic principles are so important around the world is that they promote self-actualization. The most advanced civilizations use these principles to succeed, evolve, and develop mastery. 

        Forcing conformity or punishing the impulse to foster independent ideas is a fear-based activity from small-minded individuals, cultures, and nations. It’s amazing how fear has motivated various cultures to become very ingenious in their attempts to prevent people, especially women and minorities from becoming empowered. If an idea takes away one’s instinct to thrive, or the motivation to empower oneself, or one’s free will to bring joy to life, there is a problem embedded in the idea.

         The fear of losing power and control runs deep in many areas of the world. We see this daily during the protests and pandemic responses around the world. Many illusions are being laid bare worldwide at this time in history. The reality on the street is that everyone knows all men, women and minorities are NOT treated equally. Without justice, there is no peace. Yet we say, All Men are Created Equal in our constitution and prayers. On a smaller scale, preachers say selfishness is the root of all “evil” and the “devil’s playground.” “Giving is better than receiving” is another one. Resist the temptation to believe myths that promote inequality, injustice and sacrifice are next to godliness. When myths, like white privilege remain embedded in our collective unconscious, everyone loses something dear in the process.  

         Don’t believe the baloney that repressive cultures have been preaching for centuries to enslave their masses. The process of self-actualization allows us to shed illusions and any misguided notions of what works for us and what doesn’t—from our parents, cultural heritage, and worldwide myths in general. Spontaneously create what you want without everyone else’s dysfunctional baggage dragging you down. 

         Our strength, success, and personal power attract people to us. It’s much more efficient to become powerful, happy, and whole than to put our light under a basket so other people aren’t blinded by our brightest qualities. People will listen more attentively when we already possess the qualities others desire. The most effective way to offer help and provide resources to others is from this place. People learn from us by what we do and who we are. It matters little what we say, want, or dream about. This is how life works. We see living examples of this in our first responders and protestors daily.

         Self-actualization is the new paradigm of our new millennium challenged by climate change, partisan politics and shortsighted thinking. Will enough people eventually realize everyone is a divine being living in a human body with an eternal soul just like us? This concept lives at the heart of the Black Lives Matter, the Me Too and the No Justice, No Peace Movements. With this knowledge, we can create from the pure joy from our soul, access the wisdom of the sages, and use our manifestation powers to create a better world for not only ourselves but all of humanity. 

         Realistically, improving the quality of our lives is basically changing one idea or rule and replacing it with another. When we walk into our power by unifying the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of ourselves, we can start accessing universal wisdom with the strength of our soul connection. Our heart, mind, and soul provide a powerful force to be reckoned with when we combine them with pure passion and intent. Nothing can stop us when we all work together in pure harmony. We see this on our streets and in our first responders every day.

         Some people get scared and feel guilty when our friends and family continue to remain mired in illusion’s clutches. Remaining small can be an overpowering seduction. But we’re not doing anyone any favors if we hide our light. Help them by becoming a living example of how focused power can manifest dreams and create success. By our example, we inspire and teach what needs to be done. Who hasn’t been touched by the videos of health responders and protestors worldwide?  Like the girl pictured below, someday we will all learn how to laugh with a lion.

         In conclusion, rules are meant to be broken, and tests of courage always create new possibilities. Every major achievement, individually or collectively, that has ever occurred on earth has been accomplished through this process. Give yourself permission to grow and thrive in this world. Let the creative impulse beating in your heart and shining from your soul manifest your dreams. This is how your soul actualizes itself on earth. Self-actualization is the only game in town worth playing to achieve any goal worth accomplishing. Anything less is small potatoes in a little world filled with old ideas weighted down with tiny possibilities. So have fun, play to your heart’s content and let love direct your spirit to joyful creations.