“Sensitives” Belong to Their Tribe

The more I read about Robin Williams, listen to his voice expressing his deepest feelings, the more I feel his ‘sensitive’ nature.

I am a sensitive also.

So are 90% of my patients.

I have felt a deep loneliness all of my life, a disconnect from Earth systems. I don’t adapt well to people and systems that lack integrity or are fear, greed and power driven (like many of our systems today including the health care system).

I didn’t ‘fit in’ with the broken health care system, I didn’t fit in with the ‘club’ mentality in Medicine. I had no desire to adapt to a lifestyle that was promoted by the physician collective – the mcmansion, the fast car, the fat paycheck, the power trip or even the white coat. I felt suffocated in it. It disconnected me with my beloved patients so I left it hanging on a hanger in my office. I don’t even know what happened to it. One day it just disappeared!

When I left the ‘system’ to create my own, my beloved Ommani Center, I didn’t think twice. I mortgaged my house and took a big plunge. The lien on my house still stands. My business loan would have been long paid off by now, but a very expensive divorce got in the way. It was worth every penny to revive my sovereignty, restore the integrity of Ommani’s vision and support the sacred ‘system’ I created to unfold health care in the direction I am taking it along with my patients – the direction of it being an educational and empowerment healing model, one based on integrity and sustainability.

As sensitives, we have difficult journeys because we feel so deeply. The majority of us do not subscribe to or connect with worldly attitudes or ways of living. They feel empty. We feel happier with simplicity and meaning and are fulfilled by being around people like us – our tribe.

For a long time I thought that I could make a difference on Earth in the collective consciousness. I don’t think I can any more. Most ‘Earthers’ don’t want change. They fight to maintain status quo. They don’t want true health. They just want quick fixes and band-aids. They are caught up in the collective definitions of ‘success’ and ‘progress’. They subscribe to the collective.

Who I feel I serve are the ‘sensitves’ . They are my tribe and they struggle between the way they were conditioned to adapt and what their Soul frequency resonates with. I feel that my deepest and most sacred work is to empower them to dismantle their conditioned thinking and live in harmony with their Soul frequency – to Become Real.

I feel that if enough of us support each other in this way, we will create a vortex, a critical mass that will hold the energy for shifting the paradigm. When this happens, the people on Earth will have no choice but to shift. Entrainment is a powerful force, especially when it is centered in heart and feelings.

Remember, WE are the change.

Are you a sensitive? If so, know that there are enough of us here to make a difference.

You are seen and witnessed.

My heart is with you.

We BELONG to each other.

You are not alone.

So Robin Williams, wherever you are, be at peace knowing that we see you and feel you for who you REALLY were.

You made a BIG difference on Earth even in death.

We will carry the Light.

We belong to your tribe