Start Spring Off Right – Eat Asparagus!

The nice thing about winter (in my opinion, the only nice thing about winter), is that we get a fresh start each spring –  buds on the trees, the vibrant green shoots popping out of the ground, and brighter days.  It’s all very hopeful and, I feel, more inspiring than January 1st, so why not set a New Year’s Resolution NOW?

If you aren’t sure what that resolution should be, I’ve got one for you.  How about trying a different vegetable every week?  Ok, every other week is okay too.  This doesn’t mean having to experiment with a vegetable you’ve never had before every single week, but, instead, is a good way of ensuring some variety.  Say you grew up hating asparagus.  You never had it prepared well or maybe you’ve never had it not out of a can.  Well, here’s your chance to try it again, and you might love it!!  It’s also one of the first, Spring vegetables harvested in Southeastern Wisconsin, so take advantage of how fresh it will be.

How could you not love asparagus?  It is full of the ever elusive B Vitamins, as well as essential minerals, and more protein than you might expect.  It has plenty of anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as the ability to help reduce heart disease.

So, how do you make it taste good?  Here is one of the ways I prepare mine. I hope you enjoy it too!  Note: try to resist the urge to snap off the woody base of each spear.  It’s a terrible waste, and unnecessary.  Use a sharp knife to peel this part away (kind of like peeling a carrot). 



– 2 handfuls Asparagus

– Juice of half a Lemon

– Olive Oil

– Sea Salt & Ground Pepper, to taste

– Lemon Zest


1.) Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

2.) Peel the woody bases of each spear with a sharp knife or vegetable peeler.  Snap off ends if pressed for time.

3.) Rub asparagus with olive oil, and sprinkle with lemon juice, zest, salt, and pepper.

4.) Roast in oven on parchment paper lined baking sheet for about 5 minutes, or until desired tenderness.

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