Struggling with Sleep

Who among us can say they haven’t had difficulty sleeping from time to time?  Most would say this is normal.  However, there are those for which sleep is evasive on a regular basis, causing much frustration and also leading to other problems such as poor focus, irritability, even headaches during the day time.  Traditional Chinese Medicine has been addressing this issue for thousands of years. 

Here are links to two articles discussing how Chinese medicine views insomnia. The article entitled,  Insomnia and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) addresses the basics of the main symptom variations we collectively call insomnia, and TCM treatment remedies.  The article entitled, Waking Up at The Same Time Every Night? looks deeper into the emotional aspects of poor sleep and suggests attitudes we can develop to transform emotional states that interrupt our sleep.

It has been noted that acupuncture alone can be helpful, but adding in Chinese herbal remedies is very important for those who chronically suffer with poor sleep. 

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