Tap Into Your Sacral Chakra, the Home of Your Unique Creativity-PLAY!

It is a happy talent to know how to play.  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct~ Carl Jung


This month at home has been a challenging one. We feel the uncertainty of the future.  We may have financial concerns, feel overwhelmed by either being with our family members 24/7 or being alone. As a society, we have been trained to work as much as possible, then to drive our children to countless activities before collapsing at the end of the day. Now the whirlwind of activity has stopped. We are home, with nowhere to go.

We can choose to use this time for our highest good and greatest joy. We still do have things that we need to do. But when we have down time, instead of zoning out, binge-watching TV, worrying or wishing for what we don’t have or what we can’t do, we could PLAY, right here and now.

Play looks different for each of us, but play involves using the imagination. whether it’s creating a comedy routine, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, creating a piece of art, building an object, rearranging the furniture, writing, sewing, knitting…The possibilities are endless!

Play helps us tap into our inner knowing, our intuition, and connects with our sacral chakra.  The Sanskrit name for the sacral chakra is svadhisthana, meaning “dwelling place of the self” or “sweetness”.  This is the place where we experience feelings/emotions, sensation, creativity, movement, pleasure, nurturance of self and others, boundaries, sexuality, fertility, ability to change, passion, excitement.  It is physically located just below the navel.

Water is the element associated with svadhistana chakra. Think about the properties of water: flowing, able to change form, able to create and destroy.  When the sacral center is energetically balanced one is better able to “go with the flow” and to think and act creatively.  Gentle, flowing yoga poses can be helpful in allowing you to tap into the energy of your sacral chakra.  Poses that specifically create comfortable motion in the pelvis are particularly beneficial. 


Here’s a short sequence that can be done in your chair or sitting cross-legged on the floor to help you tap into the energy of the sacral chakra:

Seated pelvic rock: Scoot forward on your chair. Feet should remain flat on the floor. This is a small, comfortable motion guided by the breath. Think of the pelvis as a bowl, and you will tilt the bowl forward and back, with the spine coming along for the ride. 

    • Exhale as you shift your weight back toward the tailbone and allow your spine to gently round.


  • Inhale as you shift your weight forward toward the front of the pelvis, opening your heart. Repeat several breaths (4-5) within your comfort zone.
  • End in neutral alignment (not slumped, not overarched, just centered over the pelvis).


Seated twists with breath: Start in neutral alignment as above. 

  • Inhale and sweep arms overhead
  • Exhale and rotate your spine, lowering arms. 
  • Inhale, arms overhead back to center. 
  • Exhale and twist to the other side as you lower your arms. 

Repeat 2-4 times, keeping spine lifted and heart open 

 Seated arm reach with side bend:  Start in neutral alignment. Place your left hand under the seat of the chair or on the chair leg. Reach right arm up. If comfortable, add a gentle, side-bend toward the left. Breathe gently into the right side of your body for a few breaths.  Release and repeat on the other side. 

I invite you to practice these simple techniques to connect with the beautiful flowing energy of the sacral chakra.  Enjoy!   

Blessings, love and light, 


May 2020 Shelley Carpenter, Physical Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher is a practitioner at Ommani who offers group (Tuesday and Wednesdays) and individual therapeutic yoga sessions, physical therapy, and Reiki care. During the COVID stay-at-home period, she is offering online yoga classes (https://www.pureenergyyoga.com/monthly-subscription-channel) and in-person or remote Reiki and in-person physical therapy for persons who are symptom-free.   Call our office at 262.695.5311 to schedule an appointment.