Top 10 Remedies for Spring Outings!

Arnica montana is an absolute necessity for any bruising injuries.

Aconitum napellus (aconite) is used after exposure to cold, dry winds, where an earache, sore throat or cold is coming on quickly.

Calendula ointment will speed healing of your cuts and scrapes.

Causticum is perfect for the rawness of 1st degree burns (no blistering) as well as sunburns. 

Cantharis is your choice for more painful blistering burns.

Hypericum wins the prize for crush injuries–smashed fingers or toes!

Ledum is the best one for puncture wounds, which includes inflammation after insect bites.

Bryonia alba is indicated when the problem (e.g., rib injury, etc.) feels better when keeping the area completely still.  

Rhus toxicodendron (“rusty gate”) is matched with joint, muscle and connective tissue injuries which stiffen up after keeping still, then loosen up and feel better with continued motion. 

Ruta graveolens is the sought-for remedy with sprains or strains where the pain is present with both rest and motion.

Bonus #11: Staphysagria is the remedy to turn to for sensitive paper cuts, or strong skin sensitivity to mosquito bites!

Most of the above are available in health food stores or co-ops that carry homeopathic remedies. A common dosing regimen is 1-2 pellets of a 30C potency, under the tongue, repeated as needed over 1-3 days until there is resolution of symptoms. Homeopathic remedies are easy to use–just give them a try and prepare to be amazed!


David Johnson is our certified homeopath at the Ommani Center. If you have more chronic health challenges, homeopathy may help resolve your symptoms! You can call the Center and make arrangements to talk with David about whether homeopathy is a fit for you.    


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