Using Energetic Strengthening to Create Balance Within the Midst of Change

I am writing this before our election results are in. One thing all of us can agree on: This is a time of intense change for all of us. As we deal with all this change, we may feel we are somewhere between free-falling and holding on for dear life.

In many cultures and healing practices, it is understood that we are made of energy. Here in the west, we are beginning to embrace these healing practices as well: Reiki, acupuncture, yoga etc. Our personal energetic field, or aura can be seen or felt. We communicate and connect with each other through the aura all the time. You have probably entered a room and immediately sensed that you could “cut the tension with a knife.” We also connect energetically with the natural world, such as feeling calm near the edge of a stream. 

Personally, I was aware that I could understand people in a deep way early on in my PT career. I was a great listener and they usually left feeling much better. But I didn’t understand how to avoid taking on my patients’ physical and emotional pains and carrying them home with me. It was during my training as a yoga teacher that I learned about this energy and how I could protect my own energy while caring for others. This understanding and experience of energy improved my life so much that I trained to become a Reiki Master/Teacher and later a mesa carrier in shamanic healing practices.

When we are stressed or in a physically weakened state, we become more “spongy,” absorbing others’ stress and pain. It can feel that we are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders every day. We often try to protect ourselves by wearing energetic armor. We try to block out the pain of the world. However, this armor actually holds in the pain and distances us from the healthy connection and love that we need from others. 

The reverse is also true. We can strengthen ourselves energetically, which results in improved mental, emotional and physical health, improved relationships with boundaries, improved outlook and ability to connect and make a positive difference in the world. 

This connected, strong state of Being happens naturally such as when silently gazing at a sunset or the stars, seeing your newborn child for the first time. It also happens when we consciously connect to Divine energy during prayer, meditation or yoga, or during energetic healing practices such as Reiki. This state of connectedness feels miraculous, but also natural.  

The following energetic strengthening practices are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Think of them like brushing your teeth or taking your vitamins. They help balance your energy and create healthy boundaries so you are not spongy or wearing energetic armor. You will feel more balanced and have a better ability to connect with others and the world in a healthy way. This balanced energy helps you to see the big picture and approach life with greater creativity and joy. It allows you to experience the beauty and gifts of this life, even amidst change and challenge.

Namaste,  Shelley

November 2020 Shelley Carpenter, Physical Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher is a practitioner at Ommani who offers group (Tuesday and Wednesdays) and individual therapeutic yoga sessions, physical therapy, and Reiki care. During the COVID stay-at-home period she is offering online yoga classes ( and in-person or remote Reiki and in-person physical therapy for persons who are symptom free.   Call our office at 262.695.5311 to schedule an appointment.